Richest woman: Zhang Yin, who made her fortune collecting waste paper and changed her nationality, donated 52 million yuan to Hubei and Henan provinces

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“We must not be on some rich list.”Hurun created the rich list by himself, but he also needs to travel around and meet entrepreneurs to make a judgment.When Hurun was in Dongguan, it found nine Dragons Paper, which had a market all over China, but had never heard of it before. After checking and accounting, Hurun calculated the wealth of the owner behind Nine Dragons paper and sent it to Zhang Yin.At that time Zhang Yin’s first reaction is, absolutely can’t go up the rich list!Zhang Yin knows her entrepreneurial history all too well.She collects rags in Hong Kong to make a fortune, in this process suffered from the threat of the underworld, the initial stage of entrepreneurship very thin ice.Another reaction, grassroots entrepreneurship, she did not have that kind of expansion desire in mind, for the ranking of the rich list does not care about.She became so anxious about the rich list that she even tried to block it with a “lawyer’s note”.But it didn’t work out. In 2003, Zhang ranked 17th with a net worth of 2.5 billion yuan. Three years later, she became the richest woman with 27 billion yuan.Zhang Yin, the “rotten king”, can really turn paper into gold?First, Zhang Yin’s life is very rough.There were seven siblings in the family. Her father was imprisoned in the 1970s. As the eldest, Zhang Yin had to shoulder the burden of the family.But life did not crush her shoulders, her heart is still thinking about through reading to settle down, not long after the resumption of the college entrance examination, Zhang Yin was admitted to the university, graduated in 1982, zhang Yin graduated from accounting came to Shenzhen alone.At that time, Shenzhen was a window of development. Zhang was a college student, but desperately needed a job to support herself. She soon found a job as an accountant in a fabric company.Half a year later, she got a job in a joint venture company with a good salary and achieved a triple jump in her career and learned how to do business easily.According to this career plan, if the company had grown, Zhang would have become a senior executive, received a bonus at the end of the year and supported her family. But one business trip changed Zhang’s fate.At that time, Zhang Went to Hong Kong to buy waste paper on behalf of the company.This waste paper is rubbish, but rubbish can achieve second use, become high-grade paper production raw material.In the last century, many “rags-to-riches” have made their fortunes out of it.Ms Zhang’s first impression of buying waste paper in Hong Kong was “spectacular”.Because at the recycling plant, the waste paper piles up and is packed in large quantities into containers, which are then shipped to the various paper factories across the country.After completing the acquisition, Zhang felt that there must be a way in this industry, so she opened the information channel, everywhere to learn about the market here. When she looked through a lot of information, she found that the supply and demand of the waste paper recycling industry is completely unbalanced.In addition to her current job, she has accumulated a lot of contacts in both places, and she has the strength to fight.But Zhang Yin’s heart is still very hesitant, the biggest reason lies in, now the job pay is very generous.But let at present such an opportunity for nothing loss, Zhang Yin heart and unwilling, after thinking, she decided to give it a go, no one will play a lifetime of work.In 1985, Zhang Yin took 30,000 RMB venture capital from her two partners, rented a small office and went to Hong Kong alone to engage in the waste paper purchasing industry.At that time, she said, “If I fail, I will go back to Shenzhen to work as soon as possible.If I waste this opportunity, I’ll hate myself for the rest of my life.”For Zhang, her first challenge in Hong Kong was being threatened by triads.Two, the waste paper recycling at that time, there is no foot jin foot two, in other words, the waste paper will be mixed with water, zhang Yin, who does not know the business, suffered from the beginning, often recycled waste paper is always mixed with wet paper and moldy paper.In order to solve this problem, Zhang Yin had to go out and pick up waste paper in person. After a month, she lost a dozen jin and developed a pair of sharp eyes. She knew at a glance where there was water mixed in and where there was not.In order to pursue quality, Zhang Yin also set a rule: water adulteration is serious, do not accept.In this way, you move the cheese of the Triad.At that time, the waste paper recycling was monopolized by the triad. His family’s waste paper was the most seriously watered, up to 30%, and he turned the waste paper recycling plant into a cash machine.When the triads pulled in a truckload of waste paper, Zhang said she wouldn’t accept anything.At that time, there were not many people who did not sell the face of the triad. Most people just broke their teeth to swallow, but Zhang Yin did not suffer the loss.Triads are not easy to offend the Lord, in order to let Zhang Yin bow, they used up their own means, threats, intimidation, their own factory glass was also hit dilute.In order to escape their sudden attack, Zhang Yin changed his travel route and way, but in the face of them threatened to burn plant, Zhang Yin is also no way, and finally can only find relevant personnel intervention, in zhang Yin’s heart, she has only one criterion, that is fair business.With the intervention of the relevant personnel, coupled with the tough northeast female man, the matter was not solved.But when she got into a triad, most local people were reluctant to sell waste paper to Zhang.At that time, Zhang Yin suffered double-sided attack, she must solve the problem of supply.Instead of waiting for nothing to happen, Zhang Yin courted small recyclers, talked to them, pleaded with them, and promised over and over that she would get them the most reasonable price.At that time, most of the recyclers were poor people. If the poor didn’t help the poor, who would?Moreover, Zhang Yin also had a guarantee, so they were willing to sell waste paper to Zhang Yin.Having solved the problem of supply, Zhang Yin then looked for downstream manufacturers to sell the waste paper.The key moment, is zhang Yin’s teacher pulled her.Her teacher is the director of paper factory, understand Zhang Yin’s pioneering experience in Hong Kong, there is integrity in the bones of the spirit, decided to receive Zhang Yin’s source of goods.After overcoming the difficulties for the time being, Zhang Yin established cooperative relations with various paper mills in northeast China, thoroughly opening up downstream channels.After getting through to the upstream and downstream, Zhang Yin acted as a middleman in the waste paper industry, entering with her left hand and leaving with her right.On the other hand, the rules zhang laid down before have played a good role in six years later.Because her waste paper was of the highest quality, many downstream manufacturers were willing to cooperate with her. In less than six years, Zhang Yin mined a large barrel of waste paper and became the largest exporter in Hong Kong. She also extended her reach to various parts of Southeast Asia.Relying on a waste paper, Zhang Yin can become the richest woman?It’s almost impossible.3. The first change zhang Yin made was in 1988, when she established Zhongnan Paper Company in Dongguan, Guangdong province. She took the initiative to march downstream, making paper and selling paper by herself.In that era of commodity saturation, as long as the product is good and the price is fair, it will soon sell well in all parts of the country.At that time, Zhang Yin established herself in the paper recycling industry and opened up a new business, but she did not let her immediate success go to her head.Because she just got involved in the paper industry, the source of goods depends on waste paper, and the market depends on the domestic market. Once the price war starts at both ends of the upstream and downstream, her future development will be very limited. In order to make a further improvement, she decides to start a business in the United States for a second time.In 1990, Ms. Zhang and her husband came to the United States, where they retraced their steps and quickly established themselves.For Ms Zhang, going abroad was a test of her abilities. She learnt the different trading rules of different places, and five years later, sensing a huge demand for high-end paper, she shipped the waste paper she bought in the US back to Dongguan to set up nine Dragons Paper, a company specialising in making premium kraft paper.Zhang Yin has a lot of room for manoeuvre, mainly composed of several aspects.She bought waste paper in the United States at a low price and then shipped it to Dongguan at a cheap freight. At that time, the labor cost was not expensive, so Zhang Yin occupied the right place at the right time and soon became a “waster” who turned paper into gold.Zhang’s career went from strength to strength, ranking no. 1 for the first time in 2006, but she suffered a disastrous fall in 2008 due to the subprime mortgage crisis.Commodities were subject to huge volatility, as was the waste paper industry. Exports fell, prices of finished goods collapsed, and Nine Dragons was short of cash and inventory, with hk $12.3 billion in debt.At that time, Nine Dragons’ share price plunged 40.28 percent, wiping 13.4 billion yuan off Zhang’s net worth overnight, and even more exaggerated, nine Dragons paper was about to go bankrupt.In this crisis, a lot of people came to pull Zhang Yin, they money, Zhang Yin equity.But Ms Zhang had one rule: at the cost of dilution, I would never agree.At the same time, Zhang Yin also began to help themselves, urging payment, suspending the expansion project, re-opening the market and other means are used.In the past two years, Nine Dragons did not have a single bad debt, and in 2010, Nine Dragons made a profit of 2.22 billion yuan. Zhang Yin, who survived the crisis, is more energetic.It is Zhang Yin to start a business in 2008 encounter the most dangerous moment on the way, as long as one move missteps, can be immersed in the situation of forever doomed, but she turns losses into gains however, what is a magic weapon?In her words, “if you can build a 3-star hotel, you can’t build a 5-star hotel.”In other words, you don’t take risks, you go one step at a time.From zhang Yin’s entrepreneurial history, not bowing is a very key point.If she had been deterred early on by the triad threat, Zhang would have been destined to become a petty recycler rather than the ragbag she is today.The rules and the original intention are good, see if you can stick to it.In addition, zhang and his wife changed their nationality in order to succeed in their second venture in the United States, but this does not affect the fact that they are Chinese at heart.Nine Dragons donated 32 million yuan in funds and goods to Hubei in 2020 and 20 million yuan to Henan in 2021.Drink water and remember the man who dug the well.Can become the richest woman in the past, have courage, have morality.And more importantly, to be a man of integrity.