Ningxiang: let “specialty, specialty and novelty” shine like stars

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Starting from Hunan Xingbang Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., 600 sets of high-altitude working platform products of various types are shipped to all over the world.Produced by Sinbang intelligent electric arm type aerial work platform, the athletes will be firmly sent to the torch platform.Rednet moment reporter Yao Yuchao correspondent Xu Li Man changsha report On February 8, Ningxiang Jinzhou Avenue, a “long” is slowly driving out: 600 sets of various types of aerial work platform products, from Hunan Xingbang Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., to all parts of the world, the delivery fleet stretches 5 kilometers.At the lighting ceremony of this year’s Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the electric arm-in-arm aerial working platform made by Sinbang Intelligence carried the athletes to the torch platform steadily.Rooted in Ningxiang for 11 years, Xingbang Intelligent has changed from a small workshop “Butterfly” to a national small giant enterprise of “specialized and special new”, and its industrial scale ranks among the top 10 in the world.What is “specialization special new”?This refers to small and medium-sized enterprises with the characteristics of “specialization, refinement, specialty and novelty”.Specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises are the best among them. They are the “paceseters” that focus on market segments, have strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, and have excellent quality and benefits. They are also the important “power source” of economic innovation and creation.Since July 30, 2021, the central committee of the communist party politburo meeting for the first time put forward the “special action to carry out the repair chain strong chain, speed up resolution of” their “problem, the development of specialization, the new small and medium-sized enterprises”, “new” specialization, has become a fresh air, be observing a city’s economic potential and vitality of the new Angle and new indicators.On February 17, 2022, the second session of the Second People’s Congress of Ningxiang city was held.Government work report put forward: this year, Ningxiang to cultivate specialized special new “small giant” more than 35 enterprises, and strive to create more subdivided fields “single champion”.”Little giant” enterprise Wanxin Seiko.In recent years, by constantly gathering factor resources and optimizing service guarantee, the development of “specialized and special new” enterprises in Ningxiang has shown strong momentum.At present, Ningxiang has 8 national specialized special new little giant, such as Xingbang Intelligent, Wanxin Precision, 40 hunan specialized special new little giant, 74 Changsha specialized special new little giant, has formed the national, provincial, municipal three echelons of small giant.These new little giant enterprise specialization, each has its own characteristics, technology and products has its unique core competitiveness, emerged in a number of key little giant enterprise in niche has been leading the way: star state intelligence in extra-large broke three world records in the field of aerial work platform, the hybrid electric car, overloading special series such as comprehensive breakthrough international technology blockade, to fill the domestic blank.The harmonic reducer independently developed by Wanxin Seiko has reached the international advanced level in rotary accuracy, focusing on solving the key technical problems such as gear meshing, service life and noise.Zu Xing’s patented new material products have broken the situation of foreign product monopoly and technology blockade, realized import substitution, and achieved more than 30% of the domestic market share……This is not only a solid, heavy report card, but also the innovation and creation of Ningxiang, dream forward confidence and strength.Every bloom in the growing soil of “little giant” can not be separated from the watering of sweat, and every point of achievement has been achieved with hard work and pay.Ningxiang in the “specialization special new” enterprise development achievements, is not easy to come, but a bit of effort accumulated.As we all know, only when small and medium-sized enterprises are active can the economy be dynamic and achieve sustainable and healthy development.If a considerable number of smes still have their own core competitiveness and innovation, then we can infer that the cities that incubate and support their development must have the following characteristics: relatively complete industrial chain, high degree of market specialization, considerable economic size, and low-end industrial structure…Because only the market is big enough, the segmentation market is deep enough, to raise the “fish” jubilant, in the future these “fish” may also leap “longmen”, become the industry giant.So, ningxiang to develop a “specialist special new” confidence?The first is a good industrial foundation.”Hunan industry looks at Changsha, changsha industry looks at Ningxiang.”As the main provinces, cities and advanced manufacturing, ningxiang adhere to the “lift force of the city, built industrial city”, is focused on the construction of industry chain, continue to do to choose chain chain, chain chain, extending chain chain, a chain chain four articles, build good industry ecology, forging engineering machinery, energy storage materials, intelligent home appliances, intelligent hardware industry chain three big strong “engine”.The industrial chain of construction machinery has gathered more than 160 enterprises, forming a backbone basic chain from complete machine to supporting equipment;The industrial chain of energy storage materials gathers 21 upstream and downstream enterprises, which has formed a closed-loop industrial chain from precursor to waste battery recycling. Ningxiang has also become one of the few regions in China with a complete energy storage industry chain.The industrial chain of intelligent home appliances and intelligent hardware has basically formed an industrial chain dominated by more than 20 enterprises such as Gree HVAC, Hisense and Xinwangda, which has become the only “Home appliance Characteristic Industrial Park” awarded by the provincial government.Such industrial layout has become a “hotbed” for the growth of “specialized, special and new” enterprises.But soil alone is not enough.It should be noted that although “specialized, special and new” enterprises have great potential, but their ability to resist risks is weak, and they need long-term cultivation, especially the “support” of government departments.Policy together “lift” little giant in recent years, ningxiang attaches great importance to small and medium-sized enterprise development, the high quality of small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation “broken zero multiplication” “two three” “high-quality goods” hunan action, guide smes to enhance investment in technology innovation, continue to promote small and medium-sized enterprise digital can assign, improve enterprise brand influence,Excavate and cultivate a batch of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises.At the same time, we will provide regular assistance to enterprises to alleviate difficulties.On policy, ningxiang has launched the ningxiang city in 2021 to build a national important advanced manufacturing highland demonstration area of action “ningxiang city construction” industrial city “for a number of policy” ningxiang city to carry out the special action “rescue efficiency” ten measures to notice, the real thing, “real money” for the enterprise to provide personalized, customized and intensification support services.Around service, security policy to cash, factors and market docking, ningxiang pieces to forceful measures to stabilize the market expectations, boost business confidence: carry out the leading cadre “three grasp two presses” action, 37 LianDian city leaders lead to form a working group to assist the 56 key projects and 64 key industrial enterprises, realize accurate docking.Adhere to the monthly mayor enterprise reception day activities, face to face to solve problems, this January received zhongwei New Energy, Xingbang Intelligent, Faenrite 3 enterprises, solve nine problems on capital, land, policy and other difficulties.In February, a special session for enterprises to be listed will be organized to promote the development of enterprises to be listed.It is the product of high-quality economic development and an important force to boost high-quality development that the “little giants” shine like the stars in “specialized and special new” enterprises.For Ningxiang, the vigorous growth of “specialized, special and new” enterprises not only represents the past results, but also means the brilliant future.We still need to see that at present, ningxiang has a relatively small number of “specialized and special new” enterprises, the quality of backup enterprises need to be improved, training and guidance efforts need to be strengthened and other problems.How to solve these pain points?Ningxiang found three “golden keys”.The first one: “One store a year.”Field research to do a good job in tapping the potential of the little giant enterprise, fully grasp the development of the enterprise;According to the “specialized, special and new” small giant identification conditions, fully excavate the small giant reserve enterprises, establish the small giant reserve enterprise database.The second: “one enterprise, one policy”.To carry out precise cultivation of backup enterprises, to provide personalized services;Carry out the action of “breaking zero and doubling” technological innovation to strengthen innovation capacity;We will encourage enterprises to “go to the cloud and go to the platform”, and accelerate digital transformation, network coordination and intelligent upgrading.Support public service platforms and institutions to provide peer-to-peer professional services such as technological innovation, listing guidance, investment and financing, digital application, and industrial design.The third: “one visit per season”.Ensure that every quarter to visit each backup enterprise in place, track the enterprise in growth, technological innovation, market share, brand building and other aspects of the real-time situation, timely guidance to check gaps, according to all levels of little Giant identification and declaration requirements, timely recommendation and report, strive for honor.Ningxiang set the goal: by the end of the 14th five-year plan, Ningxiang will realize 25 national little giants, 200 provincial and municipal little giants, to create a solid and characteristic “specialized and special new” little giant enterprise echelon, driving small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve high-quality development.We have reason to believe that, when the “new” specialization, such as stars, ningxiang innovation-driven development can gain greater kinetic energy, high quality development of ningxiang will richer “gold content”, also can implement the “four new” strategic positioning and mission, to implement the strategy of “strong capital”, the development of changsha high quality contribution more experience and more power!