Is tree person university a few?

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Shuren university is generally two universities, but there are three batches of tests, so you say three universities are also right.Zhejiang Shuren University was founded in 1984.It is one of the earliest full-time private colleges established in China since the reform and opening up.The school is sponsored by the CPPCC of Zhejiang Province and supervised by the Provincial Education Department.Since running the school, it has always adhered to the socialist direction of running the school, adhering to the school motto of “valuing morality and wisdom, cultivating people as the foundation”, and adhering to the orientation of “teaching service university”. After more than 30 years of development, it has found a unique path for the development of private universities.2. The emblem of Shuren University: From the pictograph, the green part and the year 1984 at the bottom create the shape of a tree, which matches the name of Shuren University.The green crown of the tree can be seen as a superposition of three people, which is consistent with the school motto of “valuing morality and wisdom, and putting people first”.The superposition of the three people also means that the university advocates learning and progress.3. Privately-run colleges and universities refer to institutions of higher learning and other educational institutions established for the society by enterprises, institutions, social organizations and other social organizations as well as individual citizens with non-state financial educational funds.The state encourages social forces to set up institutions of education offering compulsory education as supplements to the state offering compulsory education.