Detailed comparison between iPhone SE2 and iPhone 13 Mini: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

2022-05-08 0 By

Compact flagship phones are not a trend, but Apple keeps releasing them, and many people choose them because they are small and easy to hold.Apple’s latest flagship compact product, the iPhone 13 Mini, is nothing to envy compared to all the other iPhone 13 models, but its smaller body has many wondering if it’s worth paying more for,Before making a decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the iPhone SE2 and the iPhone 13 Mini in detail.You can tell them apart at a glance. The iPhone 13 Mini has one of the best designs ever seen on an Apple phone, with an edge-to-edge display that’s 20% smaller than the bangs on the iPhone 12 series.The machine is made of glass back cover and aluminum frame and is IP68 certified to make it waterproof and dustproof.Instead, the iPhone SE2 has a very old design, the same as the old iPhone 8, with a thick bezel around the display, a glass back cover, an aluminum frame and IP67 certification guaranteeing water resistance.Although the iPhone 13 Mini has a larger display, it is more compact thanks to the narrow bezel around its screen.Thanks to Ceramic Shield, it also has better water resistance and higher resistance.The iPhone 13 Mini’s display is 10 times better than the iPhone SE2.Unlike the SE, the iPhone 13 Mini features a Super Retina XDR OLED panel with HDR10 certification and Dolby Vision support, as well as a higher full HD + 1080 resolution x 2340 pixels.The iPhone SE2 has a low-end IPS panel with HD+ resolution.The iPhone 13 Mini relies on 3D facial recognition for authentication, while the iPhone SE2 has an older version of Touch ID made up of fingerprint readers.There was absolutely no challenge on the display side: the iPhone 13 Mini swept the board.The iPhone 13 Mini also won the core specs comparison because it has a more powerful processor and more RAM.Compared to the Apple A14 Bionic, the Apple A15 Bionic on the iPhone 13 Mini offers a 50% CPU performance increase and a 30% GPU performance increase.The iPhone SE2 comes with an Apple A13 Bionic chipset, which you can also find in the iPhone 11 series.The A13 is still a high-end chipset, but it is very poor compared to the A15.Also, the iPhone SE2 only comes with 3 GB of RAM, instead of the 4 GB on the iPhone 13 Mini.Just as importantly, the iPhone 13 Mini runs iOS 15 software right out of the box and will get two more years of software support, while the iPhone SE2 comes with iOS 13 software.The iPhone 13 Mini has a more powerful camera module, consisting of a 12 MP main camera with f/1.6 focal aperture and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor with F /2.4 aperture.The iPhone SE2 has just one sensor on the back: a 12 MP camera with a focal length of F /1.8.With the iPhone 13 Mini, you can take better photos and record better videos in a variety of lighting conditions.The iPhone 13 Mini has a battery capacity of 2,438 mAh, providing a larger battery and longer battery life.In addition to a larger battery, the iPhone 13 Mini also offers lower power consumption thanks to its efficient OLED display and 5-nm chipset.It is not difficult to see the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone SE2 and iPhone 13 mini through the comparison of parameters and five aspects. By comparison,The iPhone 13 Mini features a mainstream full-screen design, a larger battery, an advanced camera, iOS 15 software out of the box, a powerful A15 chip and water resistance.The disadvantage is that it is too expensive.While the iPhone SE2 is not as good as the iPhone 13 Mini in every aspect, the price of the iPhone SE2 is more attractive, and the Touch ID is also a big advantage when wearing a mask.