Will 2022 special post teachers in Gansu province be eligible for registration

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According to the relevant information in the past years, the former students of gansu Special post teachers in 2022 are expected to sign up. The following is the conditions and requirements for the 2022 Gansu Special Post teacher examination organized by Qingyang Public Education, hoping to be helpful to you.1. Applicants should meet the requirements of the recruitment position, and should meet the Putonghua level, physical conditions and psychological conditions stipulated by teachers Law, Teacher Qualification Regulations and other laws and regulations.In line with the new era of primary and secondary school, kindergarten teachers professional conduct requirements of ten standards, no criminal record and other illegal records can not be hired.2. Volunteer to teach in rural compulsory education schools and obey organizational arrangements.3. Mainly local residents.Graduates from their current domicile place (deadline for household registration is June 20) or their family domicile place when the college entrance examination is held can apply.Specific household registration requirements are set by each county (city, district).4. Graduates of normal universities and above are mainly encouraged to apply for the job. Graduates of higher normal college can be recruited appropriately.Specific requirements will be determined by each county (city, district) according to the actual situation, the age should not exceed 30 years old (born on June 21, 1991 or later).Candidates who have obtained the teacher qualification certificate should have the teacher qualification certificate corresponding to the position they applied for or the certificate of primary and secondary school Teacher Qualification examination issued by the Education Examination Center. The teaching subject should correspond to the discipline they applied for.2. Affected by the epidemic, temporary not acquire the qualification of teachers of personnel, can hold in the period of validity of the primary and secondary school teachers’ qualification certificate examination or written examination qualified scores, “primary and secondary school teachers’ qualification examinations (NTCE) scores” enter oneself for an examination, teachers recruitment (elementary school teachers’ qualification for two written examination result, junior middle school teachers’ qualification for had written examination result).Strictly “hold the certificate to work”, all prospective staff must obtain the teacher qualification certificate before going through the recruitment procedures.3. Applicants must meet the requirements of the advertised position.Candidates who apply for primary school posts in all subjects should major in primary education, and there is no restriction on teaching subjects with teacher certificates.(3) Other Requirements 1. In 2020, the signed master of education in rural schools will be included in the management of special post teachers without examination.2. Students who have participated in the “Western Volunteer Service Plan for College Students”, “Three branches and one Support” plan, volunteers with teaching experience and graduates from normal universities who have participated in more than half a year of volunteer teaching practice are given priority under the same conditions.3. Candidates who are qualified to participate in the 2018 Non-governmental practical project of “Rural Schools Supporting Education in Deep Poverty-stricken Counties of Gansu Province” will gain 10 points based on the photocopy of the “Evaluation Form of Rural Schools Supporting Education in Deep Poverty-stricken Counties of Gansu Province” (the certificate affixed with the official seal of the graduated university is consistent with the original).