When the new Chinese style meets light luxury, fashion expensive gas, the ultimate luxury

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When the new Chinese style meets light luxury, one is elegant and reserved, and the other is fashionable and expensive, the ultimate luxury charm generated by the fusion and collision of the two meets almost all our imagination of quality life, and finds the ideal home space for every modern person who is obsessed with traditional culture.The living room has removed the complex Chinese style decoration background wall and adopted the form of bright and atmospheric stone and ink painting elements.Increased the brightness of the space, giving a feeling of fresh atmosphere.Complete sets of Chinese furniture are placed in the spacious living room, and the soft outfit with fresh and simple colors is used to enhance the aesthetic degree of the space, so that the space decorated with Chinese style is no longer drab but full of interest.The round dining table in the restaurant corresponds to the ink decorative painting on the background wall, reflecting the symmetrical characteristics of Chinese style decoration.The overall tone of the space is very unified, white and wood color set off each other, the furniture is the color of the log itself, without any modification.Decorated with metal decoration, formed a perfect combination of simplicity and fashion, modern and traditional.Bedroom metope uses rice white in large area, do not have dazzle lamplight, with metal frame adornment head of a bed setting, top, while simple atmosphere, still can bring warmth and comfort to the person.The large bed and bedside cabinet, both made of solid wood, are permeated with fresh and comfortable natural breath. The symmetrical headstock and backrest highlight the new Chinese inside information and connotation, and highlight the warmth of becoming a monk.