Twenty years of agitation in Wuhan metropolitan area: nine cities should be thriving together, and each city should be beautiful in its own way

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China’s urban agglomerations are like a vast river, with falling flowers like rain and ripples of still water rising and falling in circles.The first to hit is always the nearest city.This is the “ripple effect” of the development of the same frequency resonance in the urban circle.The competition of cities in the future will be that of city circle.Among them, Wuhan city circle takes the lead with strategic importance and dominant attitude.Wuhan City Circle was first proposed in 2002.Up to now, Wuhan metropolitan area has come to the “year of weak crown”.Twenty years of turbulence, from the beginning of the siphon effect of big cities arousing controversy, to today, after the comprehensive promotion, quality and efficiency improvement, integration through development, nine cities together, core out of the circle, is sprinting to the fourth pole of China’s economy.According to the report on the work of the Hubei Provincial Government in 2022, “The total economic output of Wuhan metropolitan area exceeds 3 trillion yuan, ranking first among provincial metropolitan areas in China.”Leading Hubei, supporting central China, radiating the whole country and integrating into the world!Wuhan metropolitan circle shows the characteristics of urban development in the new era with its strength and performance: coexistence and common prosperity, as well as the beauty of each.It is recorded in The Book of Mountains and Seas · Northern Wilderness: “There are nine heads of god with human faces and bird bodies, which are called Nine Phoenixes.”This is a totem worshiped by the Chu people.The spirit of nine-headed birds, which has always been respected by people in Hubei, has become a true portrayal of the post-COVID-19 economic boost in Hubei towards high-quality development, and a vivid interpretation of the flourishing of wuhan metropolitan area.With Wuhan as the center, wuhan Metropolitan area is a regional economic union formed by the surrounding cities of Huangshi, Ezhou, Xiaogan, Huanggang, Xianning, Xiantao, Tianmen and Qianjiang within 100 kilometers, which has written the “nine-headed bird spirit” in the new era.This area is the most intensive and dynamic area of industry and production factors in Hubei province.It accounts for one third of the province’s land area, one half of the population, and creates nearly two thirds of the province’s gross regional product.With its wide range, high energy level and large volume, Wuhan City Circle is the first city in central China, which perfectly proves that 1+8 equals 1!The key to such achievements in Wuhan Metropolitan area lies in the same character: the same planning, the same transportation network, the same science and technology, the same industry chain, and the same livelihood.Transportation development, focusing on connectivity.In May last year, the Three-year Action Plan for the Integrated Development of Wuhan Metropolitan Area (2021-2023) was deliberated and approved.The document was finalized: to build a one-hour commuting circle within wuhan city circle.At present, the 560-kilometer loop expressway in Wuhan City Circle is fully open to traffic, and the construction of major passageways in Wuhan City circle is accelerating.Three Yangtze River Bridges have been opened to traffic, eight “Duandui” and “Bottleneck Roads” projects have been completed, 33 duandui bottleneck roads have been under construction, and five intercity buses have been opened.In the near future, people living in Wuhan metropolitan area will deeply feel the “time and space compression” effect brought by transportation network. That is, due to the development of science and technology, especially transportation and information technology, the cost of time and space for people to complete or participate in one thing is becoming smaller and smaller.Industrial layout to achieve symbiosis and common prosperity.Relying on industrial development in Wuhan metropolitan area, all participating cities can benefit. The pattern of “R&D in Wuhan, transformation in wuhan Metropolitan area, main chain in Wuhan, supporting facilities in Wuhan Metropolitan area, financing in Wuhan and investment in Wuhan Metropolitan area” has initially formed.For example, as a cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing industry, “optical core screen end network” takes Wuhan Optical Valley, where more than 1000 optoelectronic information enterprises gather, as the “core”, radiates to ezhou, Huangshi, Tianmen, Qianjiang and other cities in the circle, jointly lifting up one of the three world-class trillion industrial clusters.People’s livelihood recognition, lies in the same circle of the same policy.In the development of wuhan Metropolitan circle, resources are shared in public services and livelihood guarantee, such as “cross-city comprehensive operation”. For example, education and medical resources of Wuhan are transferred to brother cities of wuhan Metropolitan circle.Mutual recognition and credit of housing accumulation funds within urban areas;In the future, restrictions on household registration and regional archives will be broken, and floating talents from both places can choose to apply for professional titles in any place, and the evaluation results will be recognized by each other, so as to jointly retain high-end talents and industrial population.Through the cities of wuhan city circle transportation, logistics, information, infrastructure network, such as high coupling, smooth border city, promote the rapid industrial development, at the same time let the common people in the city circle in the city, enjoy the convenience, more get feeling, form that matches the culture and value identity, “the9 is a city” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,We will pool huge driving forces to create important growth poles in China.Colourful: each United States its United States United States and copolymerization is a fire, scattered is all over the sky stars.Wuhan metropolitan area is also realizing 1+8 greater than 9.At the end of last year, the symposium on the integrated development of Wuhan Metropolitan Circle was held in Huanggang. Ying Yong, Secretary of hubei Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that all cities in Wuhan Metropolitan circle should accurately position themselves, actively compete for positions, and form a multi-point supporting pattern of “strong core, strong circle and belt group”.To continuously enhance the heat of the integrated development of Wuhan Metropolitan circle, all cities should be in step with each other, complement each other’s advantages, share beauty with each other, coordinate the relationship between competition and cooperation, rotation and revolution, current and long-term, and make concerted efforts to strengthen the strength and build the brand of Wuhan Metropolitan circle.Dislocation development is an effective approach to the coordinated development of regional industries. The 9 cities in Wuhan Metropolitan circle have their own advantages and potentials. With the transformation of old and new driving forces and the continuous spillover of wuhan’s industries, the division of labor layout of other cities in Wuhan Metropolitan circle is realizing differentiated development.In the official statement, Wuhan is positioned as a national central city, a core city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and an international metropolis, making it an excellent main city and four sub-cities of the Optical Valley, The Valley of Cars, the Airport Economic zone and the Yangtze River New Area, so as to improve its urban function and give full play to the radiation leading role of the “group leader”.Huangshi, Ezhou, Huanggang and other three cities in eastern Hubei, relying on Wuhan as the “leading”, actively integrate into the depth of integration, the same topic should give full play to the advantages of air passenger and freight “double hub”, do a good job in the airport economy this big article.Xiaogan and Xianning, as the northern and southern gateways of Wuhan metropolitan circle, should speed up the docking of Wuhan and create a “new extension” and “back garden” of Wuhan.As the west wing of Wuhan city circle, Xiantao, Tianmen and Qianjiang are determined to rank among the top 100 cities and set benchmarks in the county area to achieve great development in small areas.During the two sessions this year, some media launched “Interviews with Secretaries and Mayors of Wuhan Metropolitan Area”, inviting secretaries and mayors of 8 cities in Wuhan Metropolitan Area to share their thoughts and practices in the development of urban integration.Under close reading, it can be seen that the development of wuhan metropolitan area of the city thinking clearly, full of energy.Nine cities of one mind, nine cities of one mind.Wuhan city enclosure close, people close, industry linked.Competing development, each United States its United States;Complementary advantages, the United States and the United States.Now, under the policy of the new pattern of national common prosperity and double cycle of development, wuhan metropolitan area is building up the “central backbone” of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the fourth pole of China’s economy is within reach!(Pan Jia Xiuzi Hong Fei) (Source: China Youth Network)