“Reading yi Jing” huan (next kan on sunda) : shun providence gather people dry practical matters

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“Shuo Wen jie zi” said: “huan, scattered also”, the original meaning refers to water dispersion, its extended meaning is lax, discrete.As the saying goes, “The feast must come to an end.” When the happy and joyful feast is over, people should gradually disperse and return to their homes.Distraction is a constant hazard, and one of the main reasons is the use of small people.As long as you stay awake and escape when you’re distracted, the results are fine.”Huan” hexagrams: Heng.The king has a temple.Li Involved in dachuan, Li Zhen.Prosperity is no obstacle.The king to ancestral temple worship, is conducive to wade across the river, conducive to maintaining the right path.Day six: with zheng Ma zhuang, ji.Interpretation: with the help of strong good horse to save lax people, auspicious.Ninety-two: a lapse in exchange for regret.In the discrete time to several cases, regret to eliminate.Sixty-three: exchange its bow, without regret.At the time of separation, you disregard your own safety to follow the respected, without remorse.64: Huan qiqun, yuan Ji.It was so low, it was strange.Interpretation: Scattered friends, good luck.The dissolution of the private party and the return of the masses is beyond ordinary people’s understanding.Ninety-five: huan Sweat its large, huan king ju, without blame.2, Give orders like sweat while dispersing the king’s hoard to win the hearts of the people, no disaster.Topix: the exchange of blood, to ti, without blame.11, Laxity gathers at its end, and fear is at an end, and there is no harm.Interpretation of the hexagrams: it shows the wind blowing across the water.Of course, there are big and small wind, small wind can wrinkle the water surface, cause ripples, layers of outward and distant dispersed, reflecting the meaning of discrete;Strong winds, gusts of wind can stir up huge waves, surf the shore, rolled up thousands of piles of snow.Observing things and interpreting gua: It is recorded in Dongpo Zhilin that there are two brothers in the Su family: the elder su Dongpo is enthusiastic and unrestrained, while the younger Su Ziyou is calm and serene.When they played together as teenagers, as long as there were mountains to climb and water to float, Su Dongpo would be impatient to lift up his clothes and run in front, but Su Zi you had to check before slowly following.When he grew up, if he got a good painting, Su Dongpo would immediately jump for joy, while Su Ziyou just looked at it coldly and showed no emotion.”And jun shi shi for brothers, but also knot the next life not because”.Although different in character, but deep love, the two brothers for decades in the way of life and poetry to each other bosom friends.After they were banished in the fourth year of Shao Sheng (1097), the two brothers went to a small restaurant in Tengzhou to have dinner on their way to the penal colony designated by the court.Su Zi you was used to dainty meals and had difficulty in eating coarse wheat flour cakes.Su Dongpo ate up his own cake and said to his brother bitterly, “This delicious food, do you still want to chew it slowly?”In the second year after they were separated, that is, the first year of yuan Fu (1098), Su Dongpo had not heard from his brother for a long time. He was very worried, so he used the method of the Book of Changes to calculate a hexagram and obtained the third line of the hexagram in the Book of Changes, and became zhongfu on the sixth day.The three lines are the inner hexagrams, and the inner hexagrams in Huan were hexagrams. The first line of the hexagrams was a Yin line, but now it changed into a Yang line. In this way, the original Huan hexagrams became the Zhongfu hexagrams of upper xun and lower huan.”Huan hexagram” the sixth line is: “with zheng Ma strong, ji.”It means you haven’t been back for so long. If you use a strong horse as a mount, you’ll be fine.The line statement is, “The crying crane is in the Yin, and its sons and sons make up the Yin.I have a good jester, and I can beat you.”The former sentence refers to the same spirit, simultaneous response, here represents the missing between the brothers, the latter sentence refers to the friends dinner, can also be seen as the brothers meet to celebrate.The solid statement of the hexagrams of benefit, or benefit, becomes the line of family.Have fu zhongxing, inform public kei.”Means to gain property, used for famine, funerals and other evil, no plague.Have good faith, the middle way, holding the ancient emperors, princes held a ceremony with a jade called guisui, report to the prince.The line of the Family Hexagrams is: “Family benefits privet.”Getting “The Family” is good for your divination.In the story of Elephant, it says, “Wind comes from fire, family.The gentleman acts with his words.”It symbolizes the wind blowing out of the fire. This is the hexagram of the family diagram.The gentleman views the hexagrams and speaks with substance and perseverance in action.Su Dongpo deduced and performed the hexagrams with great care. Then he told his son Su Guo about the process and results of the hexagrams and wrote them down and kept them in his collection.This brotherly love, tears trickling down one’s cheeks.Lesson one: Look calmly at gathering and disperses.Slack is roughly divided into two categories: one is good things, such as people, solidarity cohesion, if slack, we need to find a way to get together;The other is bad things that should be scattered, such as bad habits, sad moods, cliques and selfish activities.In the face of life, separation should be objective and calm, to those good to cherish, to abandon the bad.Second: be good at gathering people.Incoherence and cohesion are actually interdependent dialectical relations, how to get together again when people are incoherence?The most important thing is for leaders to inspire people with virtue and make them have faith, so that they can unite people.At the same time, leaders also need to change or eliminate bad things, such as bad habits, bad emotions.