@Kaifeng, the first snow of tiger year, arranged!

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The fifth day of the New Year to welcome the God of wealth god of wealth came to your house to follow the god of wealth may also have the first snow tiger snow!Again!!!Come on!!The central meteorological station is expected in February 5 solstice 7 The largest of the Middle East will appear in our country since the year of the tiger rain and snow weather process spread more than 20 provinces, according to the meteorological station in henan province tomorrow, the province’s cloudy, south of the Yellow River has small to moderate snow, which parts of the west, south have snow, sleet in southeastern turned in to snow, some counties have light snow or other areas scattered light snow.Affected by cold air diffusion and precipitation, the maximum temperature in most parts of western and southern China will drop by 6℃ to 8℃ from tomorrow to July 7.Kaifeng weather bureau released the latest forecast this morning has been on the way to a new round of snowfall affected by cold air and low trough to 7th, zhuhai has light snow weather tomorrow tomorrow afternoon again when the Spring Festival travel peak henan highway police said on slippery ice and snow, remember that peak return interregional tourism travel this Spring Festival holiday, returning visit passenger traffic compared with previous years significantly reduced;This year’s Spring Festival holiday travel mainly by passenger cars, traffic volume will appear “low before high” characteristics.It is expected that there will be a large traffic flow in the expressway sections around Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng and other key cities, as well as the bottleneck sections of expressway junction, interchange entrance and toll station exit during the return concentrated period on February 6, the last day of the holiday.By the way, the province’s highway large and medium-sized passenger vehicles, more than seven minibuses overmanned illegal reward reporting activities continue, effective reporting of more than seven passenger buses overmanned, the highest award of 500 yuan.And watch out!Zhengzhou expressway exit measures have been changed: for vehicles with provincial license plates entering Zhengzhou, only one driver and passenger can check the trip code, green and without star mark can directly pass;Double-code (travel code, health code) certificate (negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours) shall be checked for all drivers and passengers entering zheng’s vehicle with a license plate outside the province.Expect the first snow in the year of the Tiger!Friendly reminder: If it snows, keep it from slipping, put it in your pocket!Tell the astrologer that he is taking the path of the astrologer