Is it hard to keep a car?These 3 small cars are durable and safe, and girlfriends can afford them

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Is it hard to keep a car?These 3 small cars are durable and safe, and girlfriends can afford to keep Hello, and finally look forward to “you”.Do not know respected friends have to miss xiaobian?First of all, thank you for your presence, and wish the online Jiang Dong father no taboos, highly profitable, and then this time to talk about these luxury cars:As we know, small cars not only have less oil, high appearance level and other prominent advantages, but also for family travel is very intimate, which is the main reason that other models can not compete with it, so it is deeply favored by some friends, and the monthly sales are good.Next xiaobian from a more objective and relevant unique vision for the respected miss sisters to talk about 3 popular, cost-effective small car models, compared with other posts there must be different, I hope you can give a thumbs up.The sales analysis of VIOS: As a member of FAW Toyota family, viOS has achieved brilliant sales performance since its launch on the market, and its final land price is very down to earth, so it has won the favor and praise of a flood of fans.Because: recently the performance of ViOS again amazing, finally with 0.36W outstanding results achieved the small car sales list sixth outstanding results, is recognized, a unique, one of the most bright stars, ground crushing a large number of small car level rivals.To tell the truth, Weichi still has a number of places for external criticism, but I still choose to believe that weichi’s strength is always the top level of the market.As weichi’s unusual market influence is obvious to all, most owners think: Weichi’s strength can be said to be very severe, it is expected that its future sales is bound to be another step.Weichi’s appearance is designed to absorb fine, the thickness of the car paint is moderate, and the waist line decorated with beautiful branches and branches, which contains a strong sense of nobility and trend.Additional, the head of time light overflow color of wei Chi, again yi yi is unripe before sunken type line is low hind become become up, make the visual sense of Wei Chi is more lofty go up, look rises good-looking all the more, and the union of the LED big lamp group of time light overflow color is seamless, lumbar line is very sexy also, this point is very admire.Dimension aspect: the space position of the front row and back row of Weichi is really “thief” bang bang, at the same time make many little brother feel very pleased, compared with the rest of the same class small car also outstanding, in addition weichi practical space is undoubtedly very good, weichi is universal storage is not too much.Viech’s whole length is 4435mm, width and height is up to 1700mm and 1490mm, I believe that the rear row space is full of many beautiful girls will not feel crowded.So Vios is no problem for home use, so even if you give Vios 100,000 like is not much.At the same time, the volume of its rear trunk is also more practical, visually able to fit a lot of things.It gives me the impression of a fighting force. That’s good.Power on, and many little sister feel vios was very good, because of its power unit can be a strong power of 112 p, and the mainstream of CVT stepless 8 block (simulation) variable speed device of unparalleled power shift transmission assembly, so vios with iron power output, can meet the needs of the majority of white-collar workers travel.It is worth mentioning that viOS engine is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, so it has a good advantage of high temperature resistance.When it comes to displacement, Weichi’s displacement assembly is absolutely great, WEichi’s displacement version is 1.5L, owner comments: as the market knows, weichi independently researched and developed by FAW Toyota should be a surprise in the field of many small cars at the same level.Vios’ appearance level meets the unique requirements of domestic consumers and looks like a real lion.It gives a wonderful feeling that is hard to forget.In addition, VIOS has always been known as the “master of space”, so there are a lot of remaining space to sit in, and viOS control feeling is also very good, which is absolutely the strongest advantage of ViOS.Car Friends comment 2:Vios fuel consumption is not high, maybe due to faw Toyota factory process the accuracy of the improved because of the many, in addition, the authors ran in the city is relatively more, often will go to the high-speed, national highway, is worth us a good praise, even vios look up is very heavy, but hundreds of kilometers of fuel consumption a lot less than I thought,The current fuel consumption is no more than 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers, vios fuel economy is ok.It’s definitely one of the most beautiful small cars in the competition.So I was very pleased, and the children all unanimously praise vios is worth boasting.To tell you the truth, the Vios would use a lot more fuel in a desert area.For xiaobian this student group’s standpoint, just save some living expenses, it is barely enough to pay for more than 10 days of gas.Weichi’s fuel consumption is basically “sprinkling water”.The more fuel efficient, the better, to be honest.Even if the current training time is not very long, but xiaobian still believe that later slowly runnin, Weichi weichi’s overall fuel consumption may be lower.Consumer analysis: I believe there are many friends will have this feeling: Vios suspension device seems to be a little hard, although it can make vios high-speed corner is not easy to overturn, but after some small ridges or gravel road surface, feel quite bumpy.If you’re older, you’ll probably feel a little uncomfortable sitting inside.In addition, ViOS chassis part of the noise reduction is not good, especially when reaching the potholes and steep slope road conditions will be more serious, in addition, in the process of shifting can feel the engine power is relatively small, in addition, 1.I feel the plastic smell inside very uncomfortable.The bluetooth device has abnormal connection from time to time. 3. It is not stable to sleep in the car.Huan Chi’s front face element is full of vigor and vitality, very slender, like an owl in general, the style of the net is very powerful, quite handsome, and huan Chi’s door handle position appropriately into a lot of shining chrome elements running water style turn lights and headlights are very dazzling, a go out is full of popularity.And huan Chi car side particularly eye, the car side line is very silky, smooth, from the rear position has been through to the front, looking very sporty, and glossiness is particularly good, the overall appearance level is very good.It is not too much to say that Hwan chi is crushing the heroes.Tail with high quality exhaust style, at the same time the rear two taillights are very powerful, look up more with identification, therefore, more and more car friends feel huan Chi’s entire appearance style is also very new.My girlfriend bought this zhuan because of its handsome shape.Mr. Shen, a professional, commented: due to my work, I often go to the offline 4S shop for a test drive. At present, I feel that the new huan Chi noise reduction effect is “thief”, very quiet, although the quality of huan Chi is so heavy, but also so long, but the performance is quite good.The third model, Polo, 99,900 ~ 123,900Visible than the previous generation models high many, very free and easy, before the face of location of silvery white, delicate decorations very domineering, at the same time, Polo face position prior to the LED headlight design appears very has the vigor, the whole chassis is lower, is quite solid, look very like sports car, the waist line before the door all the way through to the tail, is more beautiful, at the same time,Its taillight concave and convex have send, do not lose calm at the same time.Personally, Polo is also a relatively mainstream small car model.The interior of Polo is very good, with sufficient materials, good workmanship, fast control, and the rotating button and the air conditioner button are not a bit loose, which is the general evaluation of the Polo by the public.On the other hand, the Polo’s leather steering wheel feels great and the direction is very precise, which makes it suitable for younger brothers to drive.In addition, the seat back of Polo’s driving seat is moderate in hardness and good in fitting degree. The seat padding is mainly made of soft and high-quality fabrics. Many friends believe that Polo seats are relatively comfortable.In addition, the Polo odor problem did not arise.Meanwhile, the noise inside the car is largely imperceptible.So it’s safe to stay with them for a long time.The instant explosive power of Polo can be said to be quite aggressive. It is as smooth as can be. The acceleration process is almost zero delay.And this push-back feeling is also very good, noise reduction details are also very good, usually not serious observation, feeling te quiet, this is undoubtedly very good.In addition, there is no need to make too many changes to Polo’s power system since its power is quite eye-catching and I am mainly on regular duty.Comments on car friends 1: The biggest highlight of Polo is its brilliant appearance style, which is very aggressive and side leakage. The dazzling front shape and the headlights are very aggressive and the brightness is quite high.In addition, the color of Polo’s net is gray and black, and the silver chrome-plated strip is also pretty beautiful. It forms a standardized design with the shining big light set, which looks very fashionable and sexy. Moreover, Polo’s multi-type wheel hub is a symbol of leading fashion.The size is very harmonious and the shape is very good.People always think it’s super trendy when they drive it out.At the same time, with the lines of high-end atmospheric design, the front bumper is very safe, unique and family-style, and it is better than competing products with similar prices.I was also pleased with the noise reduction and security features.In general, the price of Polo is “thief” good, the top match is less than 12W ticket can take home, since I bought Polo family often go out.Car Friends comment 2:I mainly do the logistics business, therefore, likes to show off, I was embarrassed to open out the general car, however of Polo, every time I took his wife and children to go out, do business or go out to have face, the feeling is very touching the steering wheel is came up, at the same time science and technology are also very cool, my kids outside often ask what is my Polo?I told you Polo was your dad’s ride.Another is the feeling of operation. Sometimes I feel very tired when talking about business, and I want to have a good rest when driving. This car can be said to have completely satisfied my driving needs and desires.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I was pleased with the Polo evaluation is of course, is not only good price, and open at ordinary times also is very comfortable, I since the childhood like cars, after a long struggle, finally is bought a Polo, ride comfort, is particularly great, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.The Polo drives like an electric car and has good control. The main technology of Polo lies in control, especially in high-speed corners, you can obviously feel the advantage of driving after driving.Comment on these models listed today, the prices are high and low, among which the model with the lower manufacturer’s guide price is Huanchi, next is ViOS, and the higher is Polo. In fact, the terminal price of models from different levels is quite obvious.It is understood that the lowest 4S quotation of VIOS is 5.88W RMB, while those of Huanchi and Polo are as low as 5.49W and 7.00W. It will soon come to the end of this article. I wonder which of these small cars shown above is particularly valued by the audience?Here I sincerely wish my dear friends all the way good luck and good life.If you enjoyed this post, give it a thumbs up.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang