The Standing Committee of jinzhong Municipal People’s Congress appointed Jin Runxi director of the municipal Public Security Bureau

2022-05-06 0 By

February 11, jinzhong city fourth people’s Congress standing committee held the fifty-second meeting.The meeting voted on personnel matters and appointed Comrade Jin Runxi director of the Public Security Bureau of Jinzhong City.Comrade Jin Runxi made a speech at the meeting.He said that under the strong leadership and supervision of the Municipal Party Committee, the municipal People’s Congress and the municipal government, he will fulfill his duties, clean and diligent, to ensure the safety of jinzhong party, all-round promotion of high-quality development, to ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment to contribute all their strength.First, raise your standing and be absolutely loyal to the Party.Always put the political construction in the first place, the deep understanding, thoroughly understand the significance of “two established”, adhere to the “two maintenance” the highest political principles and fundamental political rules, firmly throughout the party’s absolute leadership to the whole process of the public security work, the various aspects, resolutely do absolute loyalty, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable.Second, administration in accordance with the law and voluntary acceptance of supervision.I will firmly establish the rule of law thinking, respect the Constitution, conscientiously study the law, take the lead in abiding by the law, and strictly enforce the law. I will take the initiative to report to the Municipal people’s Congress and its Standing Committee, consciously accept the supervision of the PEOPLE’s Congress and its deputies, and perform my duties well within the limits of authority and procedures prescribed by law.Third, we will fulfill our duties and maintain social stability.To ensure the victory of the party’s 20th National Congress as the main line, closely around the construction of the province’s all-round promotion of high-quality development of the pilot zone strategic goal and “1221” strategic measures, to do their best to prevent risks, protect stability, security tasks, resolutely maintain the overall social security of the city’s sustainable harmony and stability.Fourth, seize the root and lead the team with all one’s strength.Always put the team building in an important position, the city and county public security organs of the leading group into a political firm, cause first, emotional harmony, unity and harmony of the strong fighting collective.Adhere to the combination of strict supervision and love, and equal emphasis on incentives and constraints, and strive to build “four iron” high-quality police team.Fifth, strict self-discipline and integrity.He has always been strict with himself, taking the lead in abiding by the spirit of the Eight-point regulations of the Central Committee, and earnestly striving to be honest in politics, power, moral cultivation and family integrity, so as to create a good atmosphere of purity and integrity in the public security organs of the city.End