The “Double Olympic City” went from peak to peak

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Fireworks show at opening Ceremony (Xinhua) The 24th Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing on February 4. The spectacular opening ceremony drew wide attention from people from all over the world and drew comments on the breathtaking “visual feast”.Dr. Bo Xiwen, former Director general of the Department of European and International Affairs in Hesse, Germany, and senior adviser of China Center for International Investment Promotion (Germany), said, “After the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, people expect China to make great achievements in Beijing 2022.And once again China has outdone itself.””Among the countless moments of the opening ceremony, I was deeply impressed by the light show that symbolized the coming of winter and the coming of spring, and the triumph of warmth over cold, as well as the peaceful dream of humanity for the future.”Before the opening ceremony in Beijing, Zhang said in an interview that it would be an “ethereal and romantic” performance, and last night we witnessed his promise, said Ma Fan Rong, head of the Italian Association for the Promotion of New Silk Road.”At the opening ceremony, China chose to send a deeply humanistic message to the world: the torch was placed at the centre of a large snowflake, each petal of which was made up of tiny snowflakes inscribed with the name of a different country.It is a symbol of the world coming together to respect cultural diversity, differences and harmony. It also means that no big snowflake can be whole without a few small snowflakes, which perfectly illustrates the theme of ‘Together for the future’.”Opening fireworks show (Xinhua) — Elias Jabur, an economics professor at The State University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, said the “Bird’s Nest” stadium carries fond memories of the 2008 Summer Olympics and has important symbolic significance for the peace-loving Chinese people.After a lapse of 14 years, the Olympic Games came to Beijing again.”The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only let the world see the level of China’s scientific and technological development, but also let us feel the spiritual core of The Pursuit of peace and unity in Chinese culture.”Ekaterina Davovska, Executive Member of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee and president of the Biathlon Federation, said, “I was deeply impressed by the opening ceremony of this great sporting event.”While not on the scale of the Beijing Summer Games, the technology, frugality, wisdom and green style of the opening ceremony is very inspiring and in keeping with the Olympic spirit.”Peter Kazinowski, editor-in-chief of Poland’s Tribune newspaper, says Zhang Yimou, who directed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, is one of the outstanding film directors of the modern world.Fourteen years ago, he amazed the world with the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.This year, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics wowed the world even though only 3,000 people were able to attend because of the COVID-19 pandemic.Agnieszka Wu-Skawińska, president of the Wave-China Friendship Association, said there is no doubt that the Beijing Winter Olympics will become another important milestone in the history of the Olympic Movement as the Olympic flame, which symbolizes peace, friendship and unity, was lit on the night of the start of the Year of the Tiger.Countdown performance (Xinhua) — Ulusov Volodymyr, associate professor of history at Ukraine’s Kiev National University, said the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was a very elegant, exquisite and impressive Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.Ukrainian journalist Oksana said, “Everything was so beautiful, the snow, the fireworks were beautiful!I want to give credit to the volunteers who did so much to make this wonderful opening ceremony happen!”Marcela Musabeliu, executive director of Albanian Institute of Globalization, said that The Beijing Winter Olympics coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival, which has special significance for the Chinese people, and Beijing has received the honor of “Double Olympic City”.The whole opening ceremony followed the concept of “simple, safe, wonderful”, with dazzling, dizzying performance to the world with open arms, warm welcome athletes from all over the world.(Hot watch Commentator)