How to debug the system (emulation on chip) using SignalTap II?

2022-05-06 0 By

SignalTap II (Full name: SignalTap II Logic Analyzer) is a second-generation system-level debugging tool that can capture and display real-time signals and is a powerful FPGA on-chip debugging software.SignalTap II can select the signal to capture, the trigger method of capture, and the depth of the captured data sample, and provide the data to engineers in real time for auxiliary simulation.Click Tools-SignalTapII Logic Analyzer on the menu bar. 2. Add monitoring data. Double-click the blank area to add data, set parameters, and click List.Click “OK” and the selected data will appear on the interface.3. Add a trigger clock The trigger clock may not be the system clock.4. Configure the trigger clock. After adding the trigger clock, select a sampling depth of 2K.The greater the sampling depth, the more resources occupied.5. Connect Hardware Connect external cables Select Hardware and click Scan Chain to connect devices.6. Save the configuration. Click “File-Save” or “Ctrl + S” to save the configuration to “PAR” in the project folder.7. Recompile After recompile, the red state in the previous step changes to the yellow state.After adding the file, you can click the download button nearby.9. The diagram of simulation debugging is collection once, and the nearby icon is continuous collection and stop collection.Right mouse button, adjustable waveform details.