“Honor of Kings” is a small anchor, diamond bureau is a big anchor, this is why?

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King of glory you think is diamond more or more king, diamond bureau began to tell you how to play king in this section have a certain awareness, small anchor is more show technology not too much to tell you consciousness of their own exploration is too much trouble as KPL will see you live??The flow is different, the crowd is different big anchors have certain experience and popularity you see now the big fairy, changed several companies still have so much popularity.Wirelessly close to the star, more can understand the eternal truth.I haven’t played s12 Kings in a long time!I just picked it up recently. It’s a diamond stone. I’ve been shut down.I don’t think SO. I killed two or three times as many people as I died.I didn’t know I was in brick until I saw the anchor.Small anchor must prove with strength, big anchor overturned more price!Why does someone like to play after Yi this stand A hero, have what meaning.I’ll double up with Marco.Angela on the third floor, Zhong Kui on the fourth floor, Jiang Ziya on the fifth floor.I opposite dozen wild start red open, I turn blue dozen half blood of time Zhong Kui hook came out, dozen oneself of home also be hook, kai 4 later take auxiliary xiang yu to enter my wild area directly, they 3 in the road immobile, you have what method, I direct state of mind fried.I see big fairy live is to see him in king bureau limit operation, both cattle coax coax to tear each other?I did it to see him rubbed against the floor at the Diamond Star Bureau.To me, it seems like a diamond diamond makes no difference.I’m a wing man anyway.Your fight has nothing to do with me.You catch me, I’ll run.Maybe the only difference is that I can beat a king with my teammates.Teammates against the wind, I was always annoyed by several people a little uncomfortable, some people want to rush the national service, generally from the diamond blunt, diamond bureau is much more difficult than the king, and most players in the eternal diamond, king bureau is basically you hit me one set I hit you one set is very boring.And diamond star shine is you hit me I either, or I catch up to the spring will kill you, regardless of wind and wind a word is just, but don’t beat dead resurrection then just.Because Kings are easy to fight!The Diamond Bureau is too prone to rollover!And few anchors at the Diamond Bureau dare stand alone!Small generation play host, live not receive benefit, constantly generation change again to the king, a no. Four hundred, king bureau needs concentration is relatively high, diamond bureau can chat while playing, with the audience interaction, and a large number of players in trapped in the diamond for many years, can be in the king’s players usually have their own a set of theory, how could not see the host, in addition to playing games.Everyone is to make a living, but also for a game to separate time to learn, happy to see live happy smile is not sweet?Since the diamond on the feeling better dozen much, platinum bureau is really difficult ah, because the diamond star shine better bullying, fancy play explosion opposite, play diamond more can show operation…Play king show operation probability will be pressed on the ground friction friction, because the diamond player is more, in order to please the player.Big anchors are not short of traffic and money, so they naturally need to take care of the effect of live broadcasting.What little live anchor itself does not earn money, are ‘whereas, our diamond bureau don’t know what is consciousness, go out is just, whatever is opposite a few not unintelligent, direct, I’m Dan king ready on 21 basic single star, but feel I am the diamond level, single row platinum diamond show their ability of bureau, big what hero would host, can teaching,Small anchor only the two heroes play well, if you only play diamond star yao, popularity can not go up!Small anchor all have a fault, do not love to explain how to play!I king game than star yao win rate is much better, diamond can not play, out is star yao, eternal diamond is not white call, what kind of players have, can fly in this section, very powerful.The analysis is in accordance with the actual situation, some aspects, there are supplementary welcome in the comments below