Diagnosis primary and secondary school teacher deputy senior title did not promote one of the reasons series, the information is inconsistent, difficult

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I am a teacher, click on the top right “follow” for you to share education and title those things.Right here waiting to recall, just at that time already disconsolate.Guangxi yulin of a teacher, teach in the countryside, for 22 years, intermediate title, has 10 years, for intermediate title, has achieved many honors, two county excellent teachers, “outstanding class teacher” one county, one county excellent education workers, 1st class competition second prize at the county level, and the teaching achievement award three times, published two papers, in two subjects.Such conditions, by reason, can be said to have a great chance of being approved by rural teachers.However, in 2021, the teacher applied for the deputy senior title, but did not promote, what on earth is for.I studied his system in detail. Let’s take a look.Basic information: Professional and technical years of work 22 years, 22 years of teaching 6 months, inconsistent.Id card portrait face picture, uploaded picture, background, should only scan the original.Education background: The highest education is at the back.According to the requirements of yulin Professional title system, * Item 6 should be filled in the order of “highest educational background — first educational background — second educational background”.Experience of rural teachers: The working years of rural teachers are filled in April 22, which is inconsistent with the basic information.Education work (head teacher work) : The head teacher certificate, in the certificate, only fill in 8 years of head teacher, do not specify which class director or middle level.Circular teaching: fill in only one line, three times in total, and the teaching cycle lasts for June 22.This teacher is junior high school teacher, 3 times cycle should be 9 years, why come 22 years in June?Participated in teaching reform: only wrote a proof of knowledge lecture, no pictures, no teaching case evidence.Education teaching results: disorderly row, disorderly put, spread wrong position.We look at yulin title system filling requirements.Applicants will first classify the prepared declaration materials according to “types of educational and teaching achievements”, and then fill in the following order and instructions: 1.Teaching ability assessment: omitted 2. Helping underachiever in transformation: omitted 3. Controlling dropout and protecting learning: omitted 4.Comprehensive honors: 5. Awards for Teaching Achievements: 7. Awards for Instructor and Student Competitions: 8.Ideological and moral education: 6. Classroom teaching evaluation of this discipline: fill in the form after “Advanced Professional work”, and fill in the content of teaching competition results, courseware, teaching design, cases, and teaching aid evaluation and awards.Fill it in the order of “live lecture award – Video lecture Award – Live Lecture Award – Video Lecture Award – Micro lesson Award – courseware, teaching design, case evaluation award – Teaching aid Award”, list the basic information in “Name of Education and teaching Achievement Project” (signing time + award content + award authority).Then upload the scanned copy of the award certificate to the section of “Personal Employment and Award Materials”.It is recommended to select the award with high gold content from each category (no more than 5 entries in total).After filling in, the following picture (sample picture) : You are a teacher of Yulin City, you have to follow the requirements of Yulin City, not disorderly, ha ha.So, guangxi city requirements are similar, but there are some differences.Some experts help other teachers to guide, not from the actual city of others, but from the requirements of their own city, to ask others, and then say, you filled in how wrong how wrong and so on, causing the teacher to be very confused, is not proper.Papers and works: the papers published in Guangzhou Education (supplement) are representative works.Publish in guangxi education (supplement) line is not good, also ask expert and authoritative personage to come out to make authoritative unscramble.However, it is not appropriate to regard the paper published in the supplement as a representative work.Post since the professional technical work summary: year after year when the director of the class, actually did not see the teacher in charge of the summary material, ha ha.It is better to know than to correct.One cannot trip over the same stone twice.No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, as long as they are corrected, everything will be fine.Darwin: Any correction is progress.Anyway, the same thing.Do not declare, according to the requirements of the document, make all kinds of preparations, declaration, the material well;Those who have failed to pass the declaration will find out the reasons for the failure and make targeted preparations to fight again this year.Only by making all kinds of preparations and reporting the declaration materials according to the documents can we improve the pass rate.Teachers who want to apply for the deputy senior title, are you ready?Hello, I am Teacher A Jin, a front-line teacher, backbone teacher of Nanning, winner of Nanning Excellent Class, member of Nanning Writers Association and China Law Society.He has published more than 200 articles on paper media, and has published his own collection of poems, The Flute Is Far away.Love to talk a little bit about education, if you also like, welcome to follow me, A Jin is looking forward to communicating with you!Especially about the title declaration, a lot of exchanges, I wish this year’s declaration of teachers can pass.(Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)