“Blood slave case” is appalling, but as an accomplice “58.com” should bear what responsibility?

2022-05-06 0 By

This two days see this is really shocking a young man is looking for a job in jiangsu, a company in guangxi through the platform to contact him, young man on the platform offer high-paying jobs so decisively to apply for, but just out of the car was Cambodia, control and stress were beaten by MLM refused to participate in local work, if it is not the blood of the body,Maybe we can’t see this creepy news this time, according to him, there are still a lot of people under control, and an underground industrial chain has been formed in the local area, cheating family members, relatives and acquaintances, and finally, if you can’t cheat money, you will die!The guy is unfortunate but also lucky, unfortunately encountered this matter, lucky is escaped, those who did not escape out of the people at this time and suffering how inhuman torture?If you don’t want to be tortured, you have to cheat, or act like this guy, or even have your organs removed and sold!In bilateral both sides have cases do respond quickly, and official investigation, the local police in the hope that the two countries also cooperate with the police, abort the crime as soon as possible (but, according to data shows this chain in the vault of a local is not only a crime, is also part of the local government fiscal and tax, it is conceivable to be completely abort it harder).Again, the previous day the platform replied: fully cooperate with the relevant departments of the investigation and evidence collection.Something this big, shouldn’t you be the lead on the case doing an internal audit?Why wait for the proper authorities to investigate?I feel like I’m just taking a chance. If relevant departments can’t find the guy, they are being cheated (the platform said recently that it has not found the recruitment information of the company involved), then it is difficult to start the relevant procedures legally.In fact, it has always been a concentration camp of fraudsters. For the sake of profits, it has never withdrawn those questionable companies. But as a large information platform, you should guarantee the authenticity and security of information, right?I more than a decade ago when looking for a job has been cheated, in those years the network is relatively out-of-the-way, looking for a job now also didn’t so much of the platform, also does not have now so many recruitment platform, know it, at that time, I have also been cheated twice, the first is to find a job, found a company on the platform requires to pay groom cost orientation day and so on;There is a middleman to pay my enterprise information fee, plus can get the contact information of many companies, pay the information fee but also pay the enterprise entry fee;The second time is to rent a house, paid the intermediary fee, the intermediary with a few times to see the house can no longer contact people;Those years just graduated from the university, inexperienced, easy to believe others so I was cheated, now think about it actually I am also lucky, because I was only cheated of money.Here, we must be careful when looking for a job. When looking for a job, we must choose formal recruitment websites. We must check the relevant information of the enterprise, understand the social security payment of the enterprise, the business situation and so on.In fact, there have been many complaints over the years, and the platform has lost its humanity for the sake of profit. I hope relevant departments will thoroughly investigate the platform this time. If the platform is found to have played a role in this incident, it must be required to apologize to the public, compensate for the loss of the victim, bear the legal consequences, and close the APP and website.Finally, we do not believe rumors do not spread rumors, I believe that the relevant departments will give the public a fair and just investigation results!