ACTS as a “disease” has me | ying-jie wang: I’ll come

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After the outbreak of COVID-19, in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Municipal Committee and the District Committee and the district government, Tianjin Economic development Zone took active actions and responded quickly. Party members, officials and staff stood up to the difficulties, actively participated in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and fulfilled the original mission with practical actions.Tianjin launch special report by the open area, recorded by the open area in the outbreak of war, the general party member cadre worker to bear “, promote as, grasp the implementation of the “action, reveal bear hard DanXian bear, work diligently, and fighting progressive politics, history, bore, time, heart is hot feelings for the people, under the robot body, pour into the truth,The story of fighting the epidemic at the forefront.Today’s hero is one of thousands of mortal heroes again and again, every time he is the first, always the first to charge in front of selfless stick to the “epidemic” today let us enter wang Yingjie’s story of five thousand years of wind and rain, 90 thousand miles of life is boundless.In China, the reason why a country can thrive in spite of difficulties is that the Chinese people have never flinched from difficulties and setbacks, and have the courage to make sacrifices and work together.Geng Zi year COVID-19 outbreak so far, a kyushu Chinese people’s war of one mind, often at the critical moment, there are always some people the first to stand up, there is always some spirit to guide us forward, little glimmer, finally gathered into a torch, the formation of support for the national forward of the mighty force.Let us hear thunder in silence, see flowers in colorless place.The microelectronics Industrial Park in the economic development zone, which was incorporated into the first batch of “big screening” areas of the city on January 9th, was faced with the difficulties of short preparation time and lack of manpower.At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, after receiving the task of nucleic acid testing for all staff in the area, all the cadres of the electronic information Bureau in the open area were immediately rushed to the micro electronics industrial Park, wearing clothes and holding armor.Wang Yingjie, a 57-year-old veteran party member, was the first to arrive at the sampling point.Has not opened the inspection, to help the inventory of supplies;Registration system training came, we must grasp the learning……Early in the morning, under a full head of starlight, in the biting wind, busy Wang Yingjie’s forehead actually oozed fine sweat beads.After a short training, Wang Yingjie quickly mastered the testing process.Scan code, check information, paste bar code……Wearing protective clothing and reading glasses, she skillfully operated the mobile phone, carefully checked every piece of personnel information to ensure that there was no mistake, and her partner distributed throat swabs to each tester. A group of 10 people entered the testing process in an orderly manner.The whole process is done in one go.At the beginning, the people who came to line up to see scan code entry is an old comrade, are muttering about the speed is not fast, planning to row other groups.But the fact proves, the old comrade this group of hands is not slow, at the speed of the young people do not lose!The job of on-site registration, seemingly simple, but really tiring, often stand for hours unable to move.At the end of the day, young colleagues are backache, for the 57-year-old is a great challenge!With his group partner, maintain the order of the little comrade looked at Wang Yingjie, a face distressed: “Master Wang, we change, you sit on the next chair to rest!”But Wang Yingjie while changing numb legs, while firmly said: “Nothing, I am not tired.Do not change, change also need to be familiar with the system, do not delay the detection speed and everyone’s time!”I can get up early, just me. After a screening, just one day back at the bureau, a new assignment began.At 10:30 on January 11, according to the epidemic prevention deployment, the Electronic Information Bureau again received the task of supporting the following rounds of nucleic acid testing and screening in the Microelectronics Industrial Park. This time, the control area had to be closed for three days, and the volunteer team set out at 11 o ‘clock on time.You’ll only have half an hour to sign up and prepare.The epidemic is a command, a race against time and the virus.In the wechat group of the electronic information Bureau, Wang Yingjie was the first to respond to the collection order of “voluntary registration”, and Wang Yingjie was the first to arrive at the scene, listening to the deployment of on-site special class personnel, and meticulously completing various tasks.As a photographer at ordinary times, he is not idle when he is on shift. He picks up his camera and mobile phone to take photos for the medical staff.As a key area located in Dasi Town, Xiqing District, in the following key area screening and four rounds of “big screening” in the whole city, the employees of the microelectronics Industrial Park and all the special teams and bureau staff did not adjust their breathing time, and they almost worked tirelessly all night.Considering that Wang yingjie is too old for continuous combat, the bureau has arranged other personnel to replace him.But Wang Yingjie insisted on “not in the line of fire”!I can get up early, and I have a car. It’s a controlled area, and my colleagues who can’t drive can’t get a taxi!I’ve got the hang of it, I’ll go!”A man is as his name suggests.Simple and guileless words reflect the responsibility and mind of a Communist party member!Torch transfer micro heat torch Wang Yingjie’s move deeply infected the people around.In this battle, the electronic information bureau this mobile unit shows the indomitable fighting spirit.After 90 wu Tianhao fought for two days in a row, in the body has appeared in the case of discomfort again to go to war;Jia Shenlai was not required to test the local community, perseverance and community negotiations, just was released on the control area to join the fight……We worked together to overcome all kinds of difficulties and carried out personnel information verification, logistics support, personnel transfer, publicity and guidance and other work in key enterprises in the park.Even Wang yingjie’s wife and daughter, also under his leadership, actively signed up for volunteer work for community nucleic acid screening.A family of three, in different positions for a common goal and efforts to pay!In front of the epidemic situation, there are countless “Wang Yingjie” in front of the charge, they are the stars in the cold night, is the torch in the winter, with their own practical action warm everyone, but also the interpretation of the clanged oath when joining the party, for the early victory of the epidemic situation battle struggle, dedication.