68,900, zero run T03 officially launched

2022-05-06 0 By

As a high-end pure electric car with an excellent market basis, it is already ahead of zero-run T03 at the same level in intelligence, power and endurance, and once again refreshes the benchmarking image of the segment market with the launch of the 2022 model:ESC system, voice recognition control, reversing image, EPB, automatic parking, uphill assistance and 15-inch aluminum wheel rims are all upgraded to standard.The 2022 zero-run T03, the strongest power at the same level, is equipped with self-developed integrated electric drive assembly, adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor and front-drive layout, which can achieve a maximum power of 80kW, a maximum torque of 158N·m, a system working efficiency of 92.6%, and a 0-50km/h acceleration time of only 4 seconds.The electric drive system of the 2022 Zero-run T03 adopts intelligent frequency conversion control technology, advanced CPLD motor controller protection circuit design, controller four-in-one design and rotor skew pole and uneven air gap design to achieve the same level of power leading, with four core highlights of high efficiency, safety, light weight and comfort.Except for the glass version with 55kW electric drive system, the other four models are equipped with 80kW electric drive system, which can bring more powerful power performance.The 2022 zero-run T03 is equipped with a high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery with a comprehensive NEDC range of 403km and pack energy density of 136.6Wh/kg. Equipped with an energy recovery system, it can achieve single-pedal control in most conditions and increase the range by 15-25%.Zero-run T03 has two charging modes of fast charge and slow charge, ac standard charge (30-80%)≥3.5h, DC fast charge (30-80%)≥36min, leading the products of the same level in slow charge efficiency, greatly saving charging waiting time and charging convenience, and charging time and charging limit can be set.It is beneficial to prolong the life of power battery and delay the decay of power battery.Zero-run T03 is the only L2 level intelligent driving assistance function at the same level. Zero-run T03 heritage zero-run full-range self-research intelligent technology gene, the whole car has the hardware basis of “3 cameras +1 millimeter wave radar +11 ultrasonic radar”, and carries the Leap Pilote2.0 intelligent driving assistance system.It can realize 10 L2 level intelligent driving assistance functions, such as ACC adaptive cruise, face recognition start and automatic parking.In addition, the 2022 Zero-run T03 is also equipped with Leap On intelligent vehicle system, which is developed based On 4G wireless communication, LCD instrument set function setting, digital instrument and other functions;10.1-inch HD touch screen, dual screen linkage: 1280*720 resolution, sensitive touch, fine picture quality, voice control, navigation, remote control, video sharing, cloud synchronization, automatic parking and other functions.Intelligent technology configuration, with temperature human-computer interaction, bring more smooth connectivity experience.At the same time, zero-run T03 also carries iFLYTEK 3.0 voice system, which can wake up communication, navigation, vehicle control, multimedia, etc., and supports mobile APP remote control, OTA upgrade of the vehicle, so that the vehicle has the possibility of continuous evolution.Since the new energy pure electric vehicle market broke out in 2020, zero-run T03 has taken over the high-end pure electric vehicle market segment and achieved a double harvest of word-of-mouth sales.Now, the launch of 2022 zero-run T03 brings a comprehensive upgrade of the three dimensions of intelligent technology, high-energy driving and relaxed and comfortable, further consolidating the label of zero-run T03 high-end intelligent pure electric car, and better meet the personalized pursuit of users.