Yao reconstituted misunderstanding, Chang Lin sad to leave the team, Du Runwang was rejected, Shanghai official xuan REGRET

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In the year of the tiger lunar New Year festival, yao Ming, chairman of the China basketball association through the video to the air force of the New Year was again on the hot search video, why isn’t he the contents of the New Year, but his face the haggard faces of the hu resigue very and unkempt hair and clothing, in addition, questions about CBA third phase and the playoffs to undertake division also let his controversial,Fans have questioned why Yao chose Foshan instead of Shenyang.Have fans in liaoning’s outspoken says, why choose the shenyang, is a temporary change in foshan, but you don’t understand, why don’t you choose international cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, why should choose in guangdong, originally the outside world is rife that yao bias in favor of guangdong, this operation that is not further by real rumor,Yao Ming is trying to protect guangdong, after all, du Feng reportedly wanted to resign as head coach of the national team, because the club is facing great difficulties, is this move to appease Du Feng.Have to say that yao is too difficult really, not to mention where will be the next division isn’t he a person can have the final say, but from shenyang and foshan, foshan and those of shenyang, firstly because of foshan climate is more suitable than shenyang, the second is the guangdong fans not only understand the ball, and civilization of the ball,Liaoning fans attacked guangdong team bus and abused Weems in the second stage, which not only tarnished CBA brand, but also Liaoning team and Liaoning basketball. From the perspective of league order and brand development, CBA and CBA league would not choose Shenyang.The pan yao can’t back, you know yao Ming since retire after the return to Chinese basketball, gave up a lot of things on the fame and wealth, in order to the development of basketball in China do everything we can, now all the difficulties and problems in Chinese basketball pushed on him, this is some cruel, we must not indulge in all sorts of problems, more can’t tolerate the good libel and slander.According to Beijing youth daily reported that Beijing’s foreign aid before Hamilton will return to the team recently, as a result, Beijing post is added a valiant soldier, which is not affected by yanni on Chang Lin more did not have the position and opportunity, it is understood that Chang Lin will determine the window period of leave, in the first two stages of the season, Chang Lin have won two appearances,Add up to less than ten minutes, want to know between two people long ago produced bad feelings, Yanis advocate let him be blue collar, and limit his offensive attributes, Chang Lin hopes he can play a similar position and play zhu Yanxi.Given Chang Lin is 33 years old now, if he continue to stay in Beijing, basically has abandoned his career, after his Qin Xiaowen shougang team general manager to discuss, ms Qin Xiaowen also identify with and support Chang Lin to team can hit the ball to continue his career, it is worth mentioning that Beijing fans to Chang Lin or very recognition,And Li Gen, Duan Jiangpeng left the Beijing team suffered controversy and indifference, we sent blessings to Chang Lin, hope he can have a good attribution, also hope to see Chang Lin again on the field.Have always is famous for its darling male guangdong starlet Du Runwang, recently was rejected for a conversation just put a small fire, a female net friend named “spider” drying out in the DMS refused to guangdong men’s basketball team striker Du Runwang strike up a conversation records, DMS, Du Runwang saying “hello”, was a spider month refused to: “too ugly, don’t send messages.”But this micro blog has been deleted by the female netizen, from the female netizen’s micro blog can also see that she is a very hot woman, some netizens joked that Du Runwang’s taste is not the same as he gives us the feeling.Young Du Runwang although has been the focus of the Du Feng cultivation, but because of their own injuries, so far is also helping stop, with guangsha, elbowing Zhao Yanhao let it lost two teeth, he has been questioned, Du Feng now intends to continue making the Du Runwang a perimeter shooter, but for Du Runwang, must improve the ability to attack the ball,Considering his height and talent, it would be a waste to be satisfied with only a fixed point shooter, which is also a loss of Chinese basketball. Meanwhile, I hope that his emotional road will be smooth and he will not waste his career because of the loss of love.Shanghai men’s basketball team to the playoffs this season, but quietly climbed to second position, from the top teams in the league of the comprehensive conditions, which team did not have absolute power, the implication is the hope of Shanghai men’s basketball team has impact on the total champion, but in a few days ago, the Shanghai men’s basketball team officials announced the one piece of bad news,That is, the team’s foreign aid fredette is out of the season due to family reasons, which is definitely a heavy blow to the Shanghai men’s basketball team, you know, when the team goes to the playoffs, the importance of pitching for the team is self-evident.Team is now go to the sake, I believe all players, including coaches will have idea, this time it is easy to affect the players’ point of view, through the battle of CBA finals last season, the guangdong weems and pg -, for the performance of the two teams played a vital role, this also can foresee,If Fredette was still on the team, he would be a great fit. But li chunjiang has to find potential candidates. Wang Zhelin and Feng Lai may be the key players.