Will the future chain catering be regularized with the accelerated clearance of the fast recruitment mode?

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Quickly move mode, as the name implies, inadvertently in the food industry, quick action mode is what to do, is the fastest way to get a rapid development of chain restaurants, to implement the franchising, the fastest, the implementation of brand blossoming pattern, can say there’s a lot of food in the mode of league ate a big loss,The good news is that in the first half of 2021, the country began to crack down on the quick recruit mode, and convicted in the name of fraud. In the strong accelerated quick recruit mode, will the future chain catering be regularized?Let’s wait and see.Chain restaurant is retooling replicate its business model to the long distance, make its own brand more influential, make enterprise development better, and chain food and beverage not only makes some want to catering entrepreneurs to get started, at the same time, shorten the operation and management of a lot of cycle, after all, the mature brand, let little detours catering entrepreneurs, but during the location to join does brand full of beautiful things in eyes,No choice, today to share, into the franchise chain need to pay attention to what?1, the company’s qualification is an important chain catering to roughly divided into two modes, one is the brand join chain stores, 2 it is to join chain brand companies, but the difference is quite different, the first is the food and beverage outlets through their own efforts, the management chain of stores make it one step at a time, and the second is a registered trademark brand, then began franchising,Can be said to be the virtualization of the entity stores, first is good, can see every day, after all, operating conditions, and the second is the corporation mode, while the first kind of model of entity shop, but still should pay attention to, such as stars web celebrity shop, store the stores of the flow rate, the difference lies in the difference between the initial, brand stores its league will be very high,Brand company model franchise fee will be low, which is also part of the franchisee will choose brand model company to join, so pay attention to this when choosing to join, choose not to be masked by the surface phenomenon.2, distribution equipment can not be many franchising will be joined in the distribution of some equipment, which mainly reflected in the small micro chain, when you choose chain restaurant in join with distribution equipment, should understand the specific models of these devices as well as whether in the daily opening time is suitable for their own use, a lot of distribution will be a few small models,In daily operation, it is impossible to provide food normally, so it is easy to be blinded by the surface problems. It is also a gift and will not pay too much attention, so don’t be blinded by details.3, how many quantity in the late of restaurant chain in order to standardization, will points out some material, but also to the stability of the product, and reduce the complicated loading link, this is good, is worth to recommend, but for our operators have to face is the late high orders, but some seasoning and so on have a shelf life,And every store will be so popular after opening, whether you are a franchise or a self-created single store is the same, so this is a very headache for franchisees, so these are the need to understand, this is also related to the cost of later.4, why in the later of the outlet is difficult to manage a lot of chain management is a heart cannot go to management, which is why the brand chain stores in the late always out frequently, food safety is also join of a lot of problem, cause the franchisees have a kind of be cheated feeling, or after opening and different expectations, caused a large number of idle raw material, and not willing to throw,Thus causing food safety problems frequently occur, the most important is the arrangement of personnel, the development of the enterprise will eventually need people, and the manpower can not keep up, at this time many franchisees have become a self-created single shop, a lot of problems need to fumble their way forward, has become a truly self-created brand stores.The above is only part of the problem, there are a lot of problems need to be noted, rather than just these four points, although the food and beverage has unique advantages, but now the food and beverage is not the food and beverage of the past, and the development of the food and beverage chain is not very long, but also a few years quickly become xiangbobo,So food industry will appear all sorts of methods of encircling money mode, so in the catering business if you choose to join chain, it will have to pay attention to many problems, can not only see the surface, to investigate the aspects are not only these, check whether the category is suitable for the local consumers, and with how many stores category,Business and these also need to pay attention to, after all, the future will be competitors.The above only represent personal views, welcome to exchange learning, common progress, this article by the old Liang said original catering, pay attention to me with you long knowledge.