This Spring Festival, Xiangshan received 214,800 tourists, micro holiday products are very popular

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Under the background of advocating “Local Chinese New Year”, Xiangshan focuses on epidemic prevention and control and tourism economy during the Spring Festival holiday. The Spring Festival tourism market continues to improve, the atmosphere is peaceful and festive, and the operation is stable and orderly.It is reported that from January 31 to February 6, the county’s nine scenic spots received 214,800 tourists, realizing gate (boat) ticket income of 7.8741 million yuan.”Xiangshan year, the freshest.”During the Spring Festival, xiangshan major tourist attractions launched a series of Spring Festival themed activities.Xiangshan studio’s “person of hometown, xiangshan, zhejiang is also home holidays series, film and television theme activities, shipu fishing port city of the” ring of the tiger lunar New Year, the ancient city for the festival atmosphere “theme activities, the east China sea BanBianShan tourist resort of met you – 2022” to the mountain in the east China sea ‘camp’ new parties, outdoor stronghold of the sea bay lights the stars of the sea,China Sea Movie City experience retro New Year flavor, feel xiangshan intangible Heritage culture, four super tigers playing with the New Year and other activities, China Ocean Fishing culture Museum shell paste, Marine environmental bag painting, Lantern Festival lantern making, writing “fu” and other interactive activities, Lingyan Volcanic Peak scenic spot for the New Year blessing activities, and tourists to enjoy the festival.Among them, tourists of shipu ancient fishing port walk on the heavy historical blue stone, watch a circle of performances, and find the excitement and joy of the New Year in the crowded ancient city.At the scene, tourists wear Hanfu to start a journey through time and space. The streets of the old city and the buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties bring tourists a brand new travel experience, allowing tourists to find the taste of New Year in the ancient city.Xiangshan is also home.For migrant workers staying in Xiangshan, the New Year holiday tour card will be issued. If you buy the tour card for 100 yuan, you can visit 9 scenic spots in the county, 8 hotels and 47 b&B, so that new Xiangshan people can feel at ease to spend the New Year holiday in Xiangshan.In addition, elaborately planned “Yuguang Puzzle City”, 7 spring Micro holiday products with xiangshan identification and experience degree, such as immersive play killing in costume, cultural experience tour of INTANGIBLE cultural heritage home stay and sailing, are very popular among citizens and tourists.Among them, Yafan resort micro holiday products by tourists hot, resort lake restaurant into the net red punch point.At the same time, in order to meet the demand of surrounding self-driving tour and free travel market, we have launched more than 10 free travel products such as tour xiangshan Film City and stay xiangshan Ocean Hotel.The country tour market is also booming.Spring Festival holiday climbing, picking, experience and other outdoor activities are popular with tourists.For example, the Maoyang Crab Claw Harbor scenic area holds activities such as plum climbing tour, glass plank road, play pet park and so on, allowing tourists to have close contact with nature and animals.Maoyang Township B&B launched activities such as radish group making, handmade painting and bamboo root carving to experience folk intangible cultural heritage, increasing parent-child interaction and allowing tourists to enjoy the taste and fun of the Spring Festival.Dingtang town strawberry mature market, launched rural tourism picking experience activities;Huangbi ‘ao village held parent-child fun pass, the national style yun garden activities, attracting surrounding tourists to come.Statistics show that during the Spring Festival holiday, the county’s rural tourism received 156,900 tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 13.6120 million yuan, up 49.43% and 23.46% year-on-year respectively.