The women’s Asian cup | China women’s 3-1 reversal of Vietnam Salvo in frost king

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New Delhi, January 30 (Xinhua)China beat Vietnam 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup on Wednesday to advance to the semi-finals.The victory also guaranteed China a spot in next year’s Women’s World Cup.Chinese players celebrate during the quarterfinal match of the women’s Asian Football Cup 2022 in Mumbai, India, Jan 30, 2018.Although the Strength of The Vietnamese women’s football team is obviously inferior to the Chinese team, but this match is still regarded as the strongest test of the Chinese women’s football team in this tournament.In the 10th minute of the first half, China fumbled a clearance at the back and nguyen Thi Thurong, who was lurking near the top of the arc, sent Vietnam down first with an angled shot.However, the superior Chinese team did not panic. In the 25th minute, captain Wang Shanshan took advantage of her body to beat the goalkeeper from a tight Angle on the left side of the penalty area. Wang Shuang then scored the equalizer.It was also wang shuang’s third consecutive goal in a row, raising his personal tally to 4.China’s Wang Shuang (front left) drives the ball during the match.Easy side to fight again, China’s advantage is still obvious.Early on, China scored two goals in two minutes to complete the 3-1 comeback.The 51st minute, Wang Frost in the other side of the big penalty area on the right side of the pick into the penalty area, inserted in the middle of the Wang Shanshan loose ball turned volley will lead.Then in the 53rd minute, Zhang Rui launched a quick attack after the steal, Wang Shuang almost in the same position to the other side of the penalty area to send a straight plug, Tang Jiali catch up with the ball after a calm dunk, right foot shot into the goal.China scored three goals in the second half disallowed for offside, while Vietnam missed a penalty.With two passes and a shot from Wang Shuang, China came back to win and advance to the semi-finals.According to the schedule, the next match will move to Pune, India, where China will face its old rival Japan in the semi-finals.Source: Xinhua