The Beginning: Perfect ending, but still a little confused about the points

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Barley by zhao today, Bai Jingting, Liu Yijun co-star in the TV series “the beginning” finale, the show have to really make people wanting more, zhao today wheat plays li poetry, in the “start” and Bai Jingting plays the XiaoHeYun two surreal experience on a bus, in 45 passengers on the bus is not much, but bearing the dim and captivating story,And the heart of the sad.In the final loop, Li Shiqing calls the police without the help of Xiao Heyun, and seeks help from Lao Jiao, the big uncle in the trunk of the car, and Lu Di, the boy with the cat.This time the bus passengers all worked together to subdue the pressure cooker lady.No Xiao Heyun I want a person to face in the last cycle, the muscle wearing headphones is no longer just sitting there listening to music, love to take a video of a brother also stretched out his hand to help, even take a bus with a pocket of medicine aunt is no longer just scared of fear, but also to do their own a meager force.The woman also reached out because the eight passengers on the No. 45 bus also worked together to help the police prevent an explosion.They got a reward from the government, a good Samaritans award, and the government gave each of the eight of them a bonus of thirty thousand dollars.The money also helped pay for Jiao’s daughter’s education.Good samaritans not everyone can “The Beginning” the end of the story should tell us that good people must be rewarded.The man on the bus was punished accordingly.The ending of being caught with a dirty hand should tell us: “If you do much unrighteousness, you will surely die. Good and evil will be recompensed.The ending is perfect after all.But there are a few things that “The Beginning” didn’t tell me.01 Li Shiqing body experience cycle bus is not only Li Shiqing a person, and Li Shiqing is the first to experience the explosion picture clearly, when the first cycle, Xiao Heyun woke up thinking that it was just a dream, Li Shiqing told Xiao Heyun that is not a dream.We’re in a cycle.The original is not a dream bus passengers are not just Li Shiqing into the cycle, Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing together into the cycle, but why Li Shiqing in the cycle again and again in the body and sound, every time Li Shiqing into the cycle fighting strength is very strong.And why is it the cycle that Li Shiqing experiences most?Li Shiqing has experienced the cycle again and again 02 Xiao Heyun in the cycle why the body is getting worse and worse Bai Jingting xiao Heyun in the cycle again and again, and Li Shiqing common in the face of the danger again and again.Fight with aunt, and in a cycle xiao He to use aunt knife aunt stabbed.In each cycle really nervous and thrilling, Xiao Heyun in each cycle is also feeling more and more poor body.I felt so tired after the cycle. In the last cycle, Xiao Heyun did not wake up for the first time, but fortunately he woke up at the critical moment and prevented the explosion.Why xiao Heyun’s body will get worse and worse did not give us an explanation?Health is becoming worse, I also want to help li poetry critical moment why didn’t I wake up 03 Lu Di can enter circulation Lu Di why no with XiaoHe clouds and li poetry into the circulation, after all, a loop Lu Di met with XiaoHe clouds and li poetry, and he also special worship XiaoHeYun, because XiaoHeYun game is architect, Lu Di is also particularly fond of the game.I was chosen to tell Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing the password of his special place to keep cats, so that they can stay here if there is no place to go.And the enthusiasm of Lu Di made Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing think that they would be able to join them in the next cycle, but did not realize that Lu Di did not enter the cycle at all.He did not enter the cycle 04 police policewoman’s mobile phone ring why is Kannon Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing in a cycle into the suspect object of the police station, the police investigation why they know there is a bomb on the bus, police policewoman’s mobile phone sound is kannon.The policewoman’s ringtone is Cannon and you know, every time she’s on the bus, She hears this ringtone.The bomb would explode, making Ms. Li nervous when the police heard the bell.Canon’s music made me nervous and afraid. Although the ending explained that Wang Mengmeng used Canon’s music when she called Wang Xingde, why did she design the policewoman’s music as Canon?Although these points have not completely explained the problem in our hearts have a half-informed guess, but have to say “the beginning” this TV series is really wonderful, see the end is still a feeling of wanting more.Are there any friends ready for second brush?The Beginning: The story of a few people on a bus, acting out all kinds of life