PI Dingjun memorial service, a veteran cry old army commander, someone identified: he is the gun God Zhang Taofang

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In 1976, when PI Ding, commander of the Fuzhou Military Region, was inspecting a military exercise, his helicopter crashed into a mountain accidentally, and a generation of tigers died on duty.The nation mourns!In his memorial service, a strange middle-aged man just came in, directly kneel to the ground crying, the family see here are confused, who is he?What is the relationship with the standard?Why did PI Dingjun’s death affect him so much?But as a courtesy, commander Pie’s family was ready to help him up when they heard the middle-aged man muttering to himself, “Old commander, I’ve come to see you. I’m too late!”At this time in the crowd had been in the war on the battlefield as a photographer Wang Jirong, recognized the man kneeling on the ground, it was shangganling sniper God Zhang Taofang!PI Dingjun questioned Zhang Taofang: less than half a year of recruit eggs was a sharpshooter?Speaking of PI Dingjun, it can be said that no one knows, no one does not know!He was illustrious during his lifetime, and after his death, his life was full of legend!He once with 5000 troops and vertical and horizontal 5 war zones, deeply loved by the great man, the founding of the title, the great man also promoted him unusually, promoted from major general to lieutenant general!PI Dingjun was also a suffering child, born in 1914 in a poor village in Anhui Province, young father died early, the mother could not bear the burden of life, directly remarried, leaving the young PI Dingjun and old mother-in-law!But PI Dingjun has a special responsibility since childhood, provoked the family burden!In holding under the arm of the trend of The Times, 13, he would have attended the heaven snuffs fields, as the growth of the revolutionary struggle experience and age, he was from a tiny red army soldiers from day to day metamorphosis ChengHongJun head, especially in the Anti-Japanese War, he formed the western the anti-japanese guerrillas, fame in the central plains breakout war, became President the skin of the tigers mouth,His unit was also known as the Leather Brigade!In 1952, he joined a large army to fight in Korea!In shangganling catch cold gun cold artillery movement, during this period, Xiao staff with PI Dingjun reported a typical: 214 regiment has a soldier Zhang Taofang, join the army is less than 2 years, participate in shooting training is less than 4 months, but can use more than 200 bullets, kill more than 70 enemies!PI Dingjun instant to the spirit, hurriedly ask: what gun he used?That good?But Xiao said with a smile: You do not know our weapons and equipment, the best rifle is only mosinnagan!PI Dingjun but also some doubt: this recruit egg son, less than half a year to grow into a sharpshooter?What’s his name?Xiao staff is assured that: but this is seen by the people, and 214 group leader recommended the typical!Her name is Zhang Taofang!PI Dingjun this attention!After all, the head of group 214 is still very stable and reliable!PI Dingjun does not believe there is a reason, after all, 3 gun killed an enemy, not to mention the recruits, is the teacher long Liu Bocheng proud sharpshooter 129 division, on average down to kill a devil also need to consume 7 to 8 bullets!Xiao’s staff had a brainwave and said: it’s a mule or a horse. Pull it out and you’ll know!PI Dingjun especially agree, command way: you go to find a war correspondent, if the marksability really have so god, just shoot video when teaching material!PI Dingjun and Zhang Taofang met for the first time, Zhang Taofang won boots by strength!Shangganling blitzer zhang Taofang did not know that he had become the red in the eyes of Pidingall, Pidingall wanted to return to the house, from under the bed took out a pair of their own reluctant to wear boots!This just came to 214 group with Xiao staff, see the legendary sniper god, let him surprise is the young man is very young, and looks very ordinary, he didn’t say anything, Xiao staff is simple to Zhang Taofang said: comrade Zhang, I am to see you shoot!For safety reasons, xiao staff followed Zhang Taofang on the battlefield, let PI Dingjun waiting in the rear, 597.9 highland, Zhang Taofang staff and reporters arranged, and then a person to advance position creeping forward, reporters cameras are not open, he directly killed an enemy!Hit a gun quickly change place, but also with two people, Zhang Taofang is very calm, one after another to get three goals!This can be the shaw staff and reporters excited bad, back to the army, Zhang Taofang just know PI Dingjun commander also came, such as shaw staff will report the facts, the reporter also took out photos, PI Dingjun especially happy, will boots to him!But did not expect Zhang Taofang hurriedly shook his hand: Commander, I am in the firing position, do not use this!PI Dingjun smiled and said: good boy, this is not for you to wear, for you to install bullet casings!In fact, Zhang Taofang is not a born sniper, the first time to participate in training, he missed the target three bullets, was nicknamed by the company commander to eat three baked cakes, and to arrange for him to the cooking class!But did not expect Zhang Taofang unconvinced, study hard, and good at observation, and he was born farsighted, every time to kill the enemy will sum up the experience, encounter do not understand will directly ask the veteran, soon he grew up!Later, when I went to the veteran for advice, he teased: “You are a marksman, but ask us, do you really want to practice every shot?Then we must not drink the northwest wind!Zhang Taofang no matter so much, has been studying hard, this has more than 400 bullets to kill 214 enemy record!Speaking of 214, there’s one more hiccup!Zhang Taofang killed 211 enemies in just a month, commander PI Dingjun asked his results at the meeting, Zhang Taofang immediately took out the boots, poured out 211 shell casings, is to harvest 211 enemy evidence, but did not think PI Dingjun jokey asked him: only 211, did not hit the hall of fame!What’s your code?Zhang Taofang just heard a lans, immediately reaction, the original commander is to remind himself that his troops are 214 regiment, 214 this number is more memorable, so he made up 214 bullet casings in one day, and with his step by step promotion, he brought out the soldiers are no coward, all are sharpshooters,These cold shots let those arrogant American soldiers to suffer!Beat them so hard they can’t even go to the bathroom!PI Dingjun also told him: Xiao Zhang, our fight against America and aid Korea is not a murder contest, the ultimate goal is peace!So after he completed 214 targets, the Sniper God’s record stood at 214!For the danger of the battlefield, Zhang Taofang never mentioned, but he once said: as long as it is on the battlefield, especially those of us who shoot snipers, first of all to hide themselves, but also to do eyes and ears!And the danger that he encounters is particularly much, the United States army mentions him, one hate tooth itch, do not hesitate to find the world famous sniper gun god Colonel Ike to kill him!Zhang Taofang one day just to the ground, there are a bunch of bullets to wipe the scalp, Zhang Taofang immediately recognize it as masters of the encounter, immediately get rid of hard coat and jumped into the bunker near the enemy’s bullets is also followed, Zhang Taofang pretend to shot down immediately, and then with the aid of bunkers, he from a crack in the rock to observe the enemy, the enemy is not sure whether he really was shot,So I’ve been watching myself!Later with his foot in a spoon, the use of reflective, luring the enemy fire, the enemy really fooled, because a little far distance, a spoon of reflective mistake makes him a sniper rifle sights, shoot directly, but it also exposed the own position, whereas Zhang Taofang at the first time from another direction lock in his position, shooting aim,Just take out Colonel Ike!In 1953, the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army headquarters for Zhang Taofang rongji special merit, but also awarded him the title of second-class sniper hero, and north Korea directly awarded him a national flag medal!In 1954, zhang taofang’s 24th Army directly selected 198 heroes to join the air Force pilot selection, only zhang Taofang was selected to join the Air Force, becoming the first generation of fighter pilots in New China!After Zhang Taofang returns to the motherland, because of all sorts of reasons, all lose contact with the skin ding, did not think of meeting again however, already heaven and person is separated forever, he is taking deep regret, take a son to send old army commander last journey, face the accident of old army commander to die, he is heartbroken!Is the so-called Central Plains breakthrough li qi, North Korea snippe hundreds of enemy, strong general under no weak soldiers, war shenlance god show prestige!On October 29, 2007, legendary hero Zhang Taofang died in Weifang at the age of 76.