Effect analysis of strengthening wharf with CFRP

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Building carbon fiber cloth, in the field of reinforcement can be said to occupy half of the status, but also by many construction personnel welcome.Construction of carbon fiber reinforced was able to get more extensive application, and this is his own have multiple advantages are inseparable, for example, building carbon fiber cloth weight is lighter, the reinforcement is the appearance of the structure of the original does not have too big effect, and the material is environmental protection, won’t produce a lot of construction waste, the other building carbon fiber cloth material performance is good,Can achieve good reinforcement effect.So since the construction of carbon fiber cloth has so many advantages, can it strengthen the dock?This is also the question that the customer came to consult before.So today, I will focus on analyzing these problems with you. I hope that by solving the problems, we can have a deeper understanding of the reinforcement material of CFRP for building, and help you better strengthen the CFRP for building in the future.When the wharf is reinforced by CFRP material with its own performance, first-class CFRP is generally used. The performance index of first-class CFRP is relatively excellent and can meet the relevant specification requirements. In addition, unsaturated polyester resin can not be used as the adhesive for CFRP.When reinforcing wharfs, suitable wet curing adhesive should be selected because beams and columns or piles are susceptible to moisture.In addition, there are corresponding requirements for the destruction form of concrete, that is, if concrete bond destruction.When the wharf is formally reinforced with CFRP, personnel should be arranged to observe and take samples on site, so as to facilitate the subsequent CFRP sticking test and ensure that all indicators meet the requirements before the operation of the next step.Effect analysis and Suggestions of building carbon fiber percolation cloth should be clear, is carried out on the pier construction of carbon fiber reinforced, will lead to concrete performance fell sharply, so in the actual effect of the testing process, should according to the actual situation of the building and validation of the test method for related work, to ensure foolproof.In the process of sea tide or ebb tide, the construction carbon fiber cloth needs to have a certain anti-wear performance, so the whole reinforced area can be coated with a layer of anti-corrosion coating, do a good job of corresponding protective measures, further strengthen the protection of the dock to extend the service life of the dock.This paper links: https://www.njmkt.net/Article/txwbjgmtxg.html (editor: nanjing, carter, for reprint, please indicate the source)