Regarding EUV lithography machine, Peking University team breakthrough electron microscopy technology!Foreign media: This is very impressive

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The importance of chips need not be said again, has been called “modern industrial food”.However, chip manufacturing is inseparable from the lithography machine, because the most complex and critical process step in the chip production process, “lithography” needs to be completed by the lithography machine.Photolithography is also known as the “flower of the modern optical industry”, which shows how difficult it is to manufacture.Currently, there are only three countries and four companies in the world that can manufacture them, and ASML alone has 80% of the lithography market share.However, to ASML’s surprise, Peking University has made a breakthrough and advanced in the key that ASML has relied on for 30 years.Japan’s Nikon and Canon used to be very ahead, but were overtaken by ASML and now only produce low-end lithography machines.There are China’s Shanghai microelectronics, seal photometric engraving machine to do well, but there is still a gap before the lithography machine.Dutch ASML is able to dominate the field of lithography mainly because of its exclusive ability to produce EUV lithography machines.Only these four companies were able to make the lithography machine, mainly because of its high technology and complexity.ASML’s EUV lithography machine alone requires more than 100,000 components from more than 5,000 companies in 35 countries.This shows how difficult it is to build an EUV lithography machine, but don’t be intimidated by the fact that there are only three core components that are critical: the dual workpiece table, the EXTREME ULTRAVIOLET light source and the lens.With these three out of the way, making EUV is not a problem.Double workpieces is a precision instrument manufacturing technology, which was previously exclusively mastered by ASML, but Hua Zhuo Jingke, a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, has achieved a breakthrough, becoming the second company in the world to master this technology, and has already supplied to Shanghai Microelectronics.Extreme Ultraviolet light is a top light source, and ASMLL acquired the technology through the acquisition of Cymer in 2012.The most important thing is that the lens needs high precision, which is monopolized by Zeiss Germany and ASML also needs to buy from it.In fact, EUV lithography machine these three core components, domestic breakthroughs have been made, but there are still some gaps in accuracy.For ASML, it already has two of the three core components, and relies on Zeiss lenses, which are key to EUV lithography.The problem is that over the past 30 years, ASML has become more and more dependent.ASML had to buy lenses from Zeiss when he started making lithographs, because only his family could make them.In addition to Zeiss, only Japan’s Canon, Nikon can do, and only Zeiss the highest level.But Zeiss is also great. At first, ASML wanted custom lenses, but Zeiss refused, and had to use non-custom lenses made by others.ASML almost went out of business because it could not get the right lens, but only survived with a transfusion of capital.Later, THE CEO of ASML went to Talk to Zeiss personally, but Zeiss couldn’t make a customized lens at that time, but it was delivered anyway.After that, the two companies began to work together, and ASML began to rise, but also relied more on Zeiss lenses.Today, ASML wants to develop a more advanced EUV lithography machine, which requires a lens with a larger numerical aperture.Of course, this still depends on Zeiss, but it is also a challenge for Zeiss, because the higher the number, the more difficult it is to make.Due to high technical barriers and difficult breakthrough, EUV optical lens is currently only mastered by Zeiss Germany.However, because they are European companies, ASML can rely on them and we can’t, again because of the Wassenaar Agreement.So, there’s nothing we can do about it?Of course not. Recently, good news came from Peking University.It is understood that the research team of Gao Peng, a researcher from the Electron microscope Laboratory of Peking University, has successfully mastered the scanning transmission electron microscope technology, which is also listed as one of the top ten semiconductor research progress in China in 2021 by the Semiconductor Journal.The scanning transmission electron microscope technology mastered by Peking University is a four-dimensional electron energy loss spectrum technology based on the development of scanning electron microscope. Compared with the traditional spectroscopic means, it has higher accuracy and flexibility, and has more space for development in the future.In short, this breakthrough provides a greater possibility for the realization of domestic EUV lithography machine, one more option.Germany Zeiss is a EUV light mirror made by traditional spectroscopy.The EUV mirror determines the process limit of EUV lithography machine, even if the very good Zeiss, to higher precision development, it will be more and more difficult to guarantee.The electron microscope technology mastered by Peking University can avoid the limitations of the traditional spectral lens and develop to a higher accuracy.In addition to the extreme ULTRAVIOLET light source technology breakthrough by Changchun Optical machine, the dual workpiece technology of Hua Zhuo Precision Science and so on, related technologies around EUV lithography machine are making breakthroughs one after another, and the next step is to improve the accuracy and achieve closure.Domestic lithography machine technology breakthroughs, mainly from our early layout, not just started in recent years.In fact, this is the same as our chip industry chain, all technical links are in the process of overcoming difficulties, I believe we will achieve a breakthrough.That’s why RECENTLY ASML has not calmed down, saying that the mainland will try, not out of the question!