Going from No. 1 to No. 6, Durant left the Warriors knowing curry was the best teammate of his life

2022-05-04 0 By

The nets on the road today against the jazz, swallow the next failed again, now they have experienced seven defeats, from the original record to the east of the eastern part of the first off until now, 6 is only 0.5 games from the seventh in the east of raptors, now immediately to the nets have been reduced to the point of the play-offs, why the nets will be reduced to such a situation?A lot of it has to do with Durant’s absence and Kyrie irving’s rules.If durant was not injured, the nets in the regular season still can consolidate their own record, not ranked steep decline, and Kevin durant’s injury makes the nets lost a backbone on the pitch, harden before not form this season, Owen and won’t be playing at home for vaccine limited reason, so three giant nets has been unable to come at the same time,The overall impact on them is obvious.The most important thing is Irving’s attitude. He can change the situation, but because of his personal persistence, the Nets are further away from a championship, irving’s choice is not strictly considered, at least from a personal friendship with Durant in the first place.Durant joined the Nets largely because of Irving, because Of Irving Durant is more willing to join the Nets, now the situation of Durant must be very sad, but he can not say it, it will further damage the atmosphere of the team, Durant must be very regretful now.He didn’t leave the Warriors until he realized curry was the best teammate of his career.The strong is not only the level of technology, also in the aspect of hospitality and personality, garage technically strong self-evident, durant in curry played around you don’t have to so tired, he can often get very much, the open shots in the nets so big, the body USES up to this point from playing time can see out.Curry is also a very easy-going teammate off the court. He does not have a strange personality and gets along very well with Durant. He gives up a lot of things for Durant, including shooting power and tactical status.Curry flew to New York to see Durant after his injury, even though Durant had already made the decision to join the Nets.It’s clear that Curry is the best teammate durant has ever had, and if he had a chance to do it over again, durant probably wouldn’t have left the Warriors.