American athletes exclaim, “Next to the platform is the Great Wall!”, won hundreds of thousands of praise overseas

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Located in Zhangjiakou Competition area, the National Ski Jumping Center, vividly called “snow ruyi”, has become one of the most popular buildings of the Winter Olympics due to its amazing design that integrates Chinese elements and reflects nature and culture, attracting athletes from all over the world.A video of an American athlete marveling at the Sight of the Great Wall on the edge of the platform captured more than 200,000 likes on overseas social media platforms on Sunday.

Anna Hoffman, 21, is a ski jumper from the United States.As she prepared for the competition, she shared a video on TikTok that she shot at Xueruyi.”I want to show you something very impressive,” she said excitedly. “Not far from the Snow Ruyi platform, there is a luminous ridge. It is nothing but the Great Wall!””How cool is that?”After the video was posted, it received more than 200,000 likes.”Great!” said the Internet.”Who would have thought to be so close?”‘You’re a lucky girl!When Anna Hoffman said she hadn’t had a chance to visit the Great Wall yet, one Chinese netizen wrote in the comment section, “Welcome back to China and visit the Great Wall!”On instagram, another overseas social media platform, Anna Hoffman frequently posted photos of herself and Xue Ruyi, or taking part in competitions at the venue.On February 9, she also expressed her gratitude for the Beijing Winter Olympics, “Thank You Beijing for giving me the experience and memories of a lifetime. I have had a wonderful week and AM very grateful for the opportunity.I still have a lot to learn in ski jumping, but this is a good milestone in my career.”In addition to “Snow ruyi”, there are many venues for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games attracted athletes from all over the world to praise “Industrial wind + Olympic Scenery”, this is the coolest ski big jump in Shougang Ski big jump gold medalist Gu Ailing of China has repeatedly expressed her love for the Shougang ski big jump, “This is the best place I have ever skied”, “this place,It’s built very well and the shougangyuan cooling towers next to it give the big jump a cool atmosphere that ski big jump needs!”Built on the platform of this make GuAiLing unforgettable already stop production of shougang old industrial zone cooling tower and ski smokestacks are the big platform “industrial” punk wind and mix more than having a unique style of the Olympic Games the freestyle skier also big thumb up shougang skiing platform “behind the” chimney “cool” “feels like place oneself in the virtual world or the network game” this is the fastest “ice””Slippery!”Aisle ~” recently, the international players to national oval “ribbon” ice ice quality give highly delta on February 5th, Beijing Olympic speed skater mixed relay final on February 5th, Beijing Olympics the first gold medal in speed skating in ribbon “ice” Dutch star gauteng successful title also broke the Olympic record dusty 20 years the days that followed,Have multiple Olympic records been broken in the “Ice Ribbon”?Among them, the Chinese player in 12 Gao Ting woo in the men’s 500 m speed skating broke the Olympic record and won the “ribbon” ice ice the athletes even success this silky large ice became known as “ice” fastest “designed to break the record ice” this is the most poetic ski trails “spectacular snow and tempting terrain conditions can create great game!”Let us alpine skiing athletes Ryan siegler thumb up the venue is the national center for alpine skiing “swallow” snow “snow swallow” is one of the world’s most difficult alpine skiing venues here several circuit straight into the sky like a swallow fly again for athletes in track speed as snow swallow so snow “swallow” the poetic name at the moment,There have been a number of games in this wonderful competition against excellent venues to help athletes to achieve great achievements Olympic athletes come on!Source: Xinhua News Agency wechat official account, CCTV News wechat official account Duty director: Rong Hai Duty Director: Shi Yajie Content review: Fan Xueling Responsible editor: Zhou Yu