Why do retail investors lose money?Afraid of making money!This year is bound to be the world of resource stocks cycle stocks!

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I don’t know if you have encountered such a situation?Buy a stock to go up a little, will be very uneasy, afraid of cooked duck fly, the hard-won profits run away!So after making money, I always think of check surplus, and find a wonderful reason for myself: I am not greedy, know enough is enough, contentment is happiness.It’s not greedy!Fry of 9 out of 10 is to earn large profit, say oneself not greedy can truly accomplish check surplus to make money, one hundred have can have a good!This time do not corrupt you next time certainly corrupt, a corrupt accident!The divine fire shares that my friend holds today blunt high fall, worry of not line, ask me tomorrow want to stop surplus, fear only a little float surplus to spit out!I asked him, why did he buy Magic Fire?He said that the price of aluminum to maintain high, Shenhuo shares good performance, low position.Yeah, that’s it, isn’t it?The price of aluminum is indeed easy to rise difficult to fall, shenhuo shares rise logic has not changed, went up a bit on the fear, how to make money in the stock market?Look at lunal futures again tonight, another record high, Goldman raised target price to $4000!Alcoa has grown 14-fold in less than 2 years!Magic fire from the end of 2020 up will also increase about 3 times, now even pull high shipment, aluminum prices will still be at a high level, not much, if it is the shock warehouse, the market rose greatly!The return is far greater than the risk, at this time not to fight when to fight?Take a look at the non-ferrous metal futures tonight!This year is bound to be non – ferrous low performance good resource stock cycle stock world!So hold low performance good non-ferrous stocks of friends fundamentals did not occur when significant changes do not easily check surplus!Want to make money in the stock market, it is necessary to eat a big wave in a share and then check surplus, earn a little check surplus is difficult to earn money!Because so after surplus, again the next unit may not be able to earn money!I do not advise you not to stop surplus, I just think that if you choose the logical fundamentals have not changed, do not because of a little volatility, a little floating surplus will easily stop surplus!Play short line is deficient originally much the situation that earn little, be not in a certain stock to earn a big wave, do not expect to earn big money!