Jinzhou town collective clean government talk buckle the “first button” of the opening year

2022-05-03 0 By

Ningxiang city rong media center (reporter Wu Yan correspondent Li Wei) On February 7, Jinzhou town organized a special meeting, 38 middle-level cadres before the clean government collective talk.Jinzhou town economic development in the forefront, leading cadres of the risk is relatively high, in order to help you for middle-level cadres to fasten open New Year for the first button “, the town party committee and discipline inspection commission deliberately choose to work in the year of the tiger on the first day, to carry out the collective honest conversation, enhance their honest self-discipline consciousness, enhancing enhance the ideological and moral line.The meeting called on the new middle-level cadres to take the lead in implementing the spirit of regulations at all levels of the central Government, the province, Changsha city and Ningxiang City, resolutely put an end to and correct the “four practices”, strictly implement the relevant requirements of the code of honesty and self-discipline, and set an example for honesty and honesty.”Today’s talk on clean government is very timely. I have a deeper understanding of the risks of clean government in my post, which further enhances my confidence and motivation to do a good job.”A new mid – level cadres in the collective after the clean – government talk.Ningxiang editor: Qing Snow copyright belongs to the original author, to pay tribute to the original