How to calm down before a superstar game?Jordan in college shorts, Russell in a strange way

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NBA stars, a year to play, generally reached 70 or 80 games.For them, even though they have played a lot of games in their career, they are still very nervous when facing crucial games.Like ordinary people, they can feel nervous at critical moments.Even when everyone thinks they can succeed, they are still afraid of anything going wrong.So, when the stars appear pre-game nervous, what are they through the way to eliminate their own tension?Paul.Just as many people in China believe in Buddhism, in The United States, they believe most in Christianity.But most people don’t know that Paul was a Christian.And, you know, the pious kind.So we can see that despite Paul’s fame and power, his off-court behavior is never out of line.He listens to the Bible and says a prayer before a race.Paul continues this practice to this day.And apparently, it does help him relax.Jordan.Jordan in the NBA is a symbol of strength, such as he has super strength, logically speaking, should not believe in luck.But in fact, in addition to being a good gambler, Jordan was also a fan.During his college days, Jordan used to play a lot of beautiful shots.After moving to the NBA, he hopes to be as dominant as he was in college.So he starts every game wearing his college shorts.For him, it was a blessing.After all, in his college days, he wore these shorts to win numerous competitions and honors.In those shorts, he would still be the most enigma in the NBA.And this matter, probably many veteran fans are completely ignorant.After all, the NBA had not yet officially affected China, and everyone’s understanding of Jordan was not so much.Russell: As the Lord of the Rings in the NBA, Russell’s strength and form has been quite good over the years.But that’s the kind of superstar.In fact, before the game is also nervous, In this situation, Russell has his own way of relieving, that is to vomit before the game.He is also known to have used this technique to relieve his pressure during matches.As for the effect, we can see from his original play in the game is quite good.