Four seasons to you, into the new wallpaper!

2022-05-03 0 By

As the years go by,The seasons a year again demonstrate the fast to pick up this year’s share of the exclusive into four seasons wallpaper is willing to accompany you through spring, summer, Jin Qiuhe xuan winter dreams about spring is always fleeting only remember dreams profusion design and color and blue skies every leaf, every flower can be written as a beautiful poem and the spring breeze all good just flowers against the sun shine shadow starts from the backgroundZhang Ke always can’t catch up with that colorful cloud give you all the steam maybe you can see the rainbow These summer secrets I packed my bag to take with me the birds returning to their nests although tired still carry the setting sun back to the ginkgo with a flutter of wings to the setting sun fell on the faint osmanthus floating again evoke who’s golden autumn memory?Fog shrouds the earth and the woods are quiet and peaceful put on your snow coat as if you were playing hide-and-seek, partly hidden and partly visible. In fine weather, you might as well walk around the campus looking for a little surprise in your life. The four seasons will keep you company every day and night.Drawing by Wang Yunfei, Microvision Studio Text by Zeng Rui, Microvision Studio