Why will Huang Rong soft hedgehog armour to Guo Fu

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Huang Rong’s soft hedgehog armor was passed to Guo Fu instead of Guo Xiang, not out of preference.It’s deliberate.Huang Rong let Guo Fu with soft hedgehog armour defense.With this baby, Guo Fu has survived many times.The battle of unfeeling Valley, if it were not for this baby in the body, Guo Fu might have become a one-armed man like Yang Guo.It can be said that this baby has protected Guo Fu many times.2. Guo Fu is the eldest daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, the protagonists of Jin Yong’s novel “Legend of the Condor Heroes”, and the third generation heir of Peach Blossom Island. She grew up with Yang Guo, the protagonist of “Legend of the Condor Heroes”, and cut off Yang Guo’s arm with the Junzi sword before marrying Ye Luqi.3, soft hedgehog armor is jin Yong martial arts novel “the Legend of the Eagle heroes” in a piece of armor, is huang Yaoshi gave his wife Feng’s promise, then Huang Yaoshi gave it to Huang Rong, this soft hedgehog armor, invulnerable and can defend the fist.