What is condition of record of formal schooling lowest that one builds to enter oneself for an examination

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One builds to enter oneself for an examination record of formal schooling condition lowest is what: the record of formal schooling condition of division of one class builds lowest is record of formal schooling of junior college, the nature respect that gives examples did not make clear explanation.It can be full-time or part-time.In addition to academic qualifications, there will also be requirements on major, working years and so on.First class construction engineer registers for record of formal schooling the lowest record of formal schooling requirement is university junior college record of formal schooling, so university junior college record of formal schooling, university undergraduate record of formal schooling, double bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctor’s degree and graduate student class graduation all have register for the qualification.High school education, technical secondary school education and other qualifications are not eligible for the examination.The nature of academic qualifications does not require.It can be full-time or part-time.Common non – full-time record of formal schooling includes adult TV big, oneself take an examination of formal schooling and so on.
Other qualifications for first-level construction engineer: Engineering and engineering economics are required.Working years: basic working years and working years of construction project construction management are required.Different qualifications and working years have different requirements.For example, junior college degree, working for at least 6 years, 4 years in construction project construction management.There are 10 specialties involved in the exam of first-class construction engineer, which also represent 10 different industries.For example, engineering of building project, highway and mechanical and electrical engineering are waited a moment, these major prefer science major more, examinee can master condition according to his need and individual foundation knowledge to undertake choice.After passing the exam, you can get the corresponding qualification certificate.2022 class A construction division preparation training camp global network school a construction guide 9 yuan to buy a column