The 47-year-old uncle married a beautiful wife for the second time, but was evicted after only four months

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Last year, li xin, 47, married 37-year-old city girl Lin Xiao on his second marriage.Lin Xiao was young and beautiful, and she was beautiful. When she got married, she even avoided betrothal gifts and banquet. Their marriage had aroused the admiration of many people, who said that Li Xin had found treasure.However, after only four months of their marriage, Lin kicked Li out of the house and even changed the lock on the door. They had no contact for more than two months.What kind of conflict did they have between them?Why do new wives throw their husbands out of the house?Read on: Although his wife kicked him out for more than two months, Li Xin still remembers his wife constantly. He still feels very sweet when he remembers everything before.But now Lin Xiao’s doings make him hard to accept.According to Li xin, Lin xiao threw him out of the house in a fit of rage just because he didn’t get the money the last time he asked for it to play cards.Li Xin also returned home for many times, but no matter how to knock on the door, there is no movement in the room, his wechat and phone are shielded by his wife, he can not contact Lin Xiao at this time.But under, he used someone else’s mobile phone to call Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao’s attitude on the phone is cold, the meaning that does not want to reconcile with Li Xin.In the conversation, Li Xin learned that his wife is in the mother-in-law’s home right now, then he and his friend came to Lin Xiao’s mother’s home.That they came, the mother-in-law said she had advised her daughter, but Lin Xiao did not listen to him, and he was powerless to do anything about it, as for where Lin Xiao is now, she does not know.Then Li Xin took out a video, the video is Lin Xiao and a man drinking in the bar, lonely men and women in the middle of the night, Li Xin thought that his wife was derailed.Listening to the son-in-law’s accusations, Lin Xiao’s mother countered, at that time is Li Xin to tie up the bad dozen to get married with her daughter, Lin Xiao was not willing to, but li Xin was unable to get married, two people do not have what emotional basis.At this time, Lin Xiao called and said he was willing to meet in detail.Just a meet, Lin xiao said she had been with him put forward a divorce, but have been reluctant to him, when calling him her alone with a man go to the pub, Lin xiao said just ordinary friends, she said she divorces is also so, him look very hard on her, I and friends go out to sing, to drink alcohol, he do not allow, she felt that marriage limit his freedom,This is not the life she wants, so she wants to divorce Li Xin.And Li Xin said a surprising secret at this time, because the first marriage has no child, Li Xin is very sorry, he has been hoping to have a child with Lin Xiao, but Lin Xiao said to her to give him 200, 000, even frankly she gave which big boss to give birth to a child to hundreds of thousands of, 200, 000 is conscience price.The marriage seems to be Lin Xiao as a deal.And Lin xiao also has been keen to luxury, often buy things, let him give her every thousands and thousands of spending made him feel a lot of pressure, Lin xiao himself because depression can’t go out to work, before him $140000 down payment of the house, now also need each month return loan, home of the pressure of all in him a man.The next day, Lin Xiao’s father called to meet Li Xin.Lin xiao’s father told him that Lin xiao is their husband and wife’s hand as a child’s eye, grew up after getting married, her husband and family circumstances is superior, so the first 30 years of life, Lin xiao had a very happy and luxury, but it is the unforeseen that he will first husband derailed linxiao abandoned, she then fell off the bottom of life, even so had mental disease,The youngest daughter he left behind was to be raised by his parents.At this point, Lin Xiao’s father took out a medical record, above impressively wrote Lin Xiao suffering from schizophrenia.The Li Xin that knows this matter leng in situ, he knows wife suffers from depressed disease only, do not know she must have schizophrenia, and legally also do not mind the life child that has this disease.Li Xin did not talk for a long time, and at this time Lin Xiao father bluntly let two people divorce, he does not want his daughter to drag Li Xin, but Li Xin is not willing to give up, his heart is love Li Xiao.Don’t know how to choose him back to his hometown, have a younger brother and parents in the home, mother early because of gas cylinder explosion injured, father is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the burden of raising both upon him brother lil ‘g, but in recent years, him earn almost gave Lin xiao, for parents, he barely filial.Li Zhe doesn’t care if his brother takes care of his parents, but he doesn’t want him to be cheated all the time.Li Zhe said brother if not divorce, will be Lin Xiao completely dragged down, until the brother has no money, will be Lin Xiao cruel abandoned, as early now get out.Hearing his family’s opinions, Li xin did not speak again.He tried to call Lin Xiao again, on the phone, Lin Xiao said that she must divorce, she did not want the house, but Li Xin bought her jewelry, luxury goods, she wanted to take away.For Lin Xiao’s unfeeling, Li Xin may have been expected, despite this, Li Xin still burst into tears, he did the duty of a husband, but unfortunately love the wrong person.Hope him can completely let go of Lin xiao, to look for a real nice man to her, also hope him understand, love is never a one-way request and pay, but respect and equality, between each other in real life as a cash machine has been also has a lot of guys, guys, please after many polish eyes, marry marry, you don’t marry.- the –