Repair and refill sequence

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Hydrate before repairing.Your skin will be a little dry after you clean it.Moisturize your skin to retain moisture and avoid dryness.Then, repair fluid can be applied.Apply repair fluid and gently massage to absorb.A few cycles can also help, so moisturize your skin before applying the solution.Because hydrating can provide enough moisture to the skin, so that the skin is in a relatively moist state, improve the phenomenon of dryness and peeling.The protective barrier of sensitive skin is damaged, the ability to lock water is weakened, water shortage, easy to dry.Therefore, it is important to add moisture to your skin care routine.The skin is dehydrated and secretes a lot of oil, which clogs the pores and makes them bigger and bigger.So keep your skin hydrated and drink plenty of water every day.In that case, pores will naturally become smaller.When the water replenishment is over, the amount of water in the skin’s cells increases, and you can get twice the result with half the effort.