“Free ticket welfare” come to yihai Theater, watch the classic Opera of Shanghai opera

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What are you going to see at the upcoming show?You can’t go wrong with a classic!Shanghai Shanghai Opera Art Institute (Shanghai Shanghai Opera House) with the Shanghai opera classic public benefit performance!Two classic works will be staged successively, the public welfare ticket price is 80 yuan!Performance time: February 14, 2022 14:30 Venue: FANCL Art Center (Yihai Theater · Grand Theater) Duration: about 135 minutes, subject to the venue ticket price:80 yuan performance: Shanghai Shanghai opera art ChuanXiSuo (Shanghai theatre) during the Anti-Japanese War, somewhere northeast railway workers, underground communist party member li and accept the task of delivering a reduction to beishan guerrillas, was arrested as a traitor betray, in sorrow, lee mother to granddaughter grandma li mei iron pain above recruited three when strike married a three generations of the truth.Japanese gendarmerie captain Hatoyama forced Li Yuhe to hand over the secret code, refused by Li, but arrest Li Grandma and iron mei.Three people have a firm and unyielding struggle, Hatoyama Hatoyama will then Li mother and son killed, released iron plum to continue to pursue code, iron plum in the party and the masses to help, inherit the will of their fathers, the secret code to beishan, successfully complete the task.Performance time: February 15, 2022, 14:30 Venue: FANCL Art Center (Yihai Theater · Grand Theater) Duration: about 120 minutes, subject to on-site performance ticket price: 80 YUANShanghai Shanghai Opera Art Institute (Shanghai Shanghai Theater) Poor Li Junming due to the end of the year sad, the elder daughter’s family to borrow, but was bullied by his own child.The innocent child wants to share his father’s worries, but almost falls into the trap of his shameless sister and brother-in-law.Desperate, Li Junming faces the danger of the heart, hungry and cold, but in the torrent and little daughter together to die…”Litres of bran, a cat bowl.”See the fickleness of the world feeling thin as paper;Feeling the heart of filial piety repay Michun.Brought benefits left left left right way to look at here (1) in this article to push below message about the anticipation that the Shanghai opera or why you want to see (2) and the “Shanghai jing ‘an” WeChat public, dialog reply “my real name + mobile number” static treasure will be randomly selected five fans give the chaff by yellow tickets per person for 2 view play time: February 15th (Tuesday) comes to play site:Fancl art center, grand theatre art theatre (jiangning road no. 466) the deadline for activities on February 9, 2022, 15 points the winners will be announced recently at the end of WeChat wen jing bao will direct messages to notify the winners to inform view scene mode please inform oh ~ * attention focus on this activity the Shanghai jing ‘an to explain WeChat public all Fancl art center (art theatreLocation: 466 Jiangning Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai