Anhui a mother-in-law like to eat outside the door, daughter-in-law to ask why, mother-in-law: do not like to eat mutton

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Recently, a video of a mother-in-law in Fuyang, Anhui province, secretly going out to have dinner outside her home but touching her daughter-in-law went viral on the Internet, attracting the attention and heated discussion of netizens.Video footage taken by her daughter-in-law shows her mother-in-law carrying a bowl of noodles to eat in the courtyard outside her house.Although the daughter-in-law did not say, but had guessed her mother-in-law’s little mind.The daughter-in-law confronted her mother-in-law: “Let me see if there is any mutton in your bowl.” The mother-in-law immediately replied: “Yes, yes.” Seeing her mother-in-law was still stubborn, the daughter-in-law asked her to see if there was any mutton in her bowl.After the daughter-in-law rummaged, there was no mutton in the bowl.Her mother-in-law knew that she could not hide it and said: “What are you doing? You don’t know that I don’t like mutton.”Then the daughter-in-law said, “I will bring you some pieces of mutton immediately.”Mother-in-law repeatedly swing hand: “need not, you this is lane what.”According to the source, the family was eating mutton inside the house, but the mother-in-law hid outside the door to eat, and the daughter-in-law was moved by her mother-in-law’s behavior after chasing her out.Many netizens saw the scene and left comments to discuss it. Some netizens left comments saying: “My parents are just like this. The good ones are reluctant to eat, but they give them to their younger generation to eat.Another netizen commented: “The family is so lucky to have such a mother-in-law.””There are many such mothers-in-law, but how many such daughters-in-law are there?Their relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is really enviable.”Many people do not understand the meaning of this sentence. When they have children, they will understand that it is not not not to eat, but not to be willing to eat. They also made the national excuse of parents: “I don’t like to eat.”Pity the parents of the world.In fact, such a mother-in-law is hardworking, such a daughter-in-law knows how to be grateful and love their elders, the relationship is natural harmony, the New Year is coming, remember to give your parents more food.What do you think about that? Leave a comment.