A crushing defeat in Vietnam has left China’s reputation and ranking in tatters

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In 2008, Uncle Ben got it right on spring night.Song Dandan: Do you know what is the most exciting competition in the Olympic Games?Zhao Benshan: Football match!Song Dandan: Then you know what game is the most worrying, the result is the most exciting?Zhao Benshan: Chinese football!As expected, more than ten years have passed, but the national football team has not made any progress, but is seriously ill.No wonder Zhao Benshan that year quit liao foot after sigh: I play sketch is flicker, but I am flicker by football, the water is too deep.In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, China is in Group B against Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Vietnam.Originally to the National football team expectations are not high, did not expect to lose so miserably.In Group B, each team plays 10 rounds, with the top four teams advancing to the last eight.China lost 3-0 to Australia in the first round.China lost to Japan 0-1 in the second round.China beat Vietnam 3-2 in the third round.China lost to Saudi Arabia 2:3 in the fourth round.In the fifth round, China drew 1:1 with Oman.The sixth round of China 1:1 tie with Australia.China lost to Japan 0-2 in the seventh round.The eighth round of China team 1:3 minus Vietnam, to the eighth round of the fifth integral, equal to the declaration of no cartel World Cup.The next two rounds are better than nothing.From the score and record, China can confidently face the team is not much.I can count the 17 Asian countries that The Chinese team can beat: The Philippines, Maldives, Iceland, Nepal, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Palestine, Singapore, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc.There are 39 Asian teams, and China is not sure of winning the remaining 22.On May 27, 2021, FIFA released the latest men’s national team world rankings.China’s world and Asian rankings remain the same as last time, still ranked ninth in Asia and 77th in the world.After the defeat of Vietnam, The Chinese team will probably be ranked outside the 10th place in Asia.The best ranking of The National football Team was in 1998, when the national football team won the third place in the Bangkok Asian Games, and its world ranking reached the highest level in history, ranking 37th in the world.That year’s players have Yang Chen, Sun Jihai, Fan Zhiyi, Li Weifeng and other famous players, and high morale, a tough style.The current level of competition and professional ethics of the National football team can be said to have fallen to the bottom of history, making people desperate.What handsome all take not move the national football team, no matter lippi, Peran, Camacho, canavaro are not good, they are on the National football team these multimillionaire hate iron not steel, in their health and kick under the forced palace, the handsome have discredited, disgraced left China.But the wages they get are good.What is the annual salary of the former foreign head coach?1. Schlapnicon, $150,000, 19922. Horton, $150,000, served in 1998.3. Milu, $300,000, 2000.4. Ali Han, $200,000, 20025. Dewi, $600,000, 20076. Frado, $200,000, 20077. Camacho, 2.8 million euros, 20118. Peranicon (team), $2 million, appointed in 2014.9. Lipiicon, 20 million euros, 201610. Cannavaro, 4 million euros, 201911. Lippi, 23 million euros, 2019On New Year’s Eve, China’s national football team was the scene of disaster against Vietnam.Korean media said sarcastically, The Chinese team has entered the hell stage, unable to extricate themselves.In the 40 strong qualifiers, foreign media criticized The Chinese team is the weakest seed team, all hope to be divided with China in a group, because as long as with China to a group, there will be unexpected results.If so, in B group 12 strong preliminary, the weakest Vietnamese team can be trampled to death by a large score, is really ironic!This game, Li Xiaopeng played 3341 tactics, to see the performance of each player.Strikers: 3 strikers’ tactics are broken directly.Luo Guofu, Wu Lei, Alan, all are famous, but the three do not defend, the state is not good.Wu Lei: take a walk on the field, slow leisurely, coach 66 minutes change him.Luo Guofu: good threat, but poor stamina, was substituted after 44 minutes.Alan: he wasn’t physically strong and he played centre forward. He was substituted at half time.Li Xiaopeng did not know what he thought before the game.Two, midfield: three midfield players, only two qualified, captain Wu Xi is a disaster.Dai Weijun: he was the second best player in the game.Dai Weijun contributed twice successfully to the game.Dai Weijun, 22, made his debut for the national team and performed well.Captain Wu XI: The performance was a disaster.Three missed goals were all related to him, the defense was loose, unable to keep up with the rhythm of the opposing players, the game disappeared.At the defensive end, the stats were 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 blocks, 0 clearances, and he was booked.As captain, I’m not doing my job.Xu Xin: the best player, contributed the only goal.Xu xin contributed 1 interception, 1 steal and 1 block, and 3 fouls on the defensive end, indicating that he is tough on defense.In attack, he scored a face-saving goal at the end of the game, a neat finish.Three, the guard: to become a Vietnamese player free, free.Stanley Wang: Worst defender.He was involved in the first goal, not the man.There was almost no threat in attack and no rapport with the players.Zhu Chenjie: second worst guard.Very low presence, lost position in defence a couple of times.Zhang Linpeng: The performance is normal.His right is clearly better than Mr Wang’s left.Defensive end Zhang Linpeng contributed 1 steal, 2 interceptions and 2 clearances.The offensive end sent 2 crosses and 3 long passes, both ends of the attack is a normal performance.Jiang Guangtai: naturalized player, in the defensive line, Jiang Guangtai is the best player in the game.One tackle, one interception and two clearances in the whole game, especially one in the 39th minute of the first half and one in the 91st minute of the second half.Four, goalkeeper: performance is not satisfactory.Yan Junling, the third ball, to assume a certain responsibility.Yan Junling attack did not get the ball, it should not.Five, the coach: harvest than Li Tie also low bad comments.Coach Li Xiaopeng is not evaluated, phenotype is worse than Li Tie.At the press conference after the match, Li Xiaopeng, the new head coach of The National football Team, first apologized and took responsibility for the problems in the match.The loss was mainly due to design problems before the game, which could not be remedied afterwards and the score was unacceptable.But the feeling that he has been superior and the player overhead, the player may not be able to make decisions.In Asian teams, there is a strange phenomenon, except Japan, the most populous countries, the performance of football is very difficult to achieve.China, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan all gave a desperate performance.Especially the Chinese and Indian teams, more than a billion people, can not find a few decent players out to play.India is ranked 19th in Asia and China is around 10th.As long as the Indian team works hard, it is very possible to overtake the Chinese team, then the pair can exchange shirts.The Chinese team continues to sink and be trampled by India for a long time, you see how good Indian cricket is.Some fans said: I don’t want to talk about football, it is not worth talking about, in fact, football is boring to talk about, talk about it is a national disgrace……Should not talk about…But Chinese fans are really good fans, but the world of football and football need to take care of themselves.Fans don’t be too sad, don’t be too serious, just watch the play.For the future of Chinese football.Have fans, the team’s selection and training, have to militarization management, or management by forces, or in today’s management mechanism, have several decades, level more and more bad, let a person despair, the opportunity to really not much, because the water is too deep, and the players, the management, haven’t played the game when one thing, what do you think?—-end—-