Li Bai Xianjian don’t worry, Xi Shi Zhao Ling ‘er raid, recharge activities upgrade, intimacy difficulty is reduced

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Article │ Kerr game said the original king of glory official once again and the legend of The Legend of Xianjian linked, and the hero of the king of glory or Li Bai and legend of xianjian wine sword fairy.This makes netizens think that there will be a linked skin, in fact, this possibility is not big, on the one hand, the official did not say, on the other hand, Li Bai still has a skin is not released.Another aspect is that even if there is a second version of Chinese Paladin Legend linked skin, it will be zhao Ling ‘er first, not Jiujianxian.In addition, recharge rebate activities have also been upgraded recently, with accumulative recharge becoming the daily recharge favored by players.And then the difficulty of increasing intimacy has been reduced recently, because there are activities that can get a lot of intimacy. Let’s see how that works.Li Bai Xianjian skin don’t worry about this two days of king of Glory officially announced that there will be and Xianjian Legend linked again, said in front of the linkage is Li Bai and wine Jianxian these two roles.The linkage of these two roles is very suitable for nature, both good wine and sword, natural netizens think that there should be a linkage of skin.However, officials did not say that li bai’s skin will be given to her, as it is a stage play, not a new skin.So if you are expecting li Bai out of the legendary skin players may be disappointed.And Li Bai this hero now has a skin has not come out, this skin is the national e-sports series skin skin.At present, the national e-sports has come to S2 season, and this season has been determined to come out is Zhang Liang’s e-sports coach skin, it is not ruled out that two e-sports series skin may be launched at one time.And Li Bai’s e-sports skin should be in S3 or S4 season should also be online.Xi Shi Zhao Ling er limited raid and even if it is really after the wine sword fairy skin, then before it will definitely first zhao Ling er skin.Zhao Linger this role in the Chinese Paladin legend of the popularity is very high, fans are also very many, players are naturally willing to king glory linkage this role.And buy the last li Xiaoyao skin promotional video at the end, there is also the figure of Zhao Ling, so this is also an official left an egg, for the next paladin Legend linked skin left an egg.If zhao Ling er skin, certainly to the hero is Xi Shi, because Li Xiaoyao skin to the East, and Zhao Ling er character image is also very fit Xi Shi.The previous few days of accumulative recharge rebates have been criticized, both local players and micro-kryptonians are not satisfied with the accumulative recharge rebates, because the rewards are less.However, due to the launch of Nezha’s new skin in these two days, the cumulative recharge and rebate activity has become a daily recharge and rebate activity, which will last until 7th, so players who slowly accumulate glory points can recharge points again in these two days.There are only two ways to increase intimacy: playing the game regularly, or giving gifts, such as flowers, to increase intimacy.Gifts that increase intimacy aren’t rare, but they don’t increase intimacy much, and dot coupons aren’t worth it, so most players have to rely on time to quickly increase intimacy.However, the recent official Year of the Tiger limited skin privilege bonus allows players to gain a lot of intimacy.Snatching a privileged red envelope gives you a gift that increases intimacy by 10 degrees, and there are always players handing out red envelopes in the game hall, so it’s easy to get thousands of intimacy a day if you have time.Kerr said that after the legend of fairy Sword legend linked skin will certainly be some, but will certainly be the first zhao Ling, wine sword fairy to push back.Top-up bonus is now a daily top-up bonus, so micro Kryptonians can start accumulating glory points again.Players who need intimacy can go to the hall to grab red envelopes these two days. If you have patience, you can grab a lot of them.