Zhang Meng, 33, is married to Xiao Wu, who was once affected by plastic surgery. Now he has a good career and a good love life

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On February 10, actor Zhang Meng publicized his marriage license on social media platform, and also posted their 9-grid wedding photos, in which the two are perfectly matched and brimming with happy smiles.I am finally married to you, my good husband, my parents’ good son-in-law, and I will be you for the rest of my life!Zhang Meng and Xiao Wu made their relationship public in 2019. At that time, they were found to be ambiguous because of the same clothes, so they simply made it public. On Zhang Meng’s birthday in 2021, Xiao Wu confessed that this was the third birthday he accompanied her to spend, and their relationship was very stable.On December 20, 2021, Xiao Wu proposed to Zhang Meng with the blessing of netizens.In 2021, there are very few film and television works of Zhang Meng and Xiao Wu, and even few new works will be announced.However, they are very popular in the live broadcast industry. Tens of thousands of people watch each live broadcast, and tens of millions of people like it.In their live room atmosphere is very good, and Zhu Zixiao is a good partner, sing a song and make users very excited, in the live room small five words obviously a lot less.As the main cargo carrier, Zhang Meng is still among the best anchors from the perspective of live cargo. As a salesman, her strength is obvious to all!Now, she posted a video of her wedding on social media, and many netizens sent their best wishes to her. They also left messages saying “Do the right thing at the right age, best wishes”.In the comments of the video, Zhang Meng even welcomed xiao Wu’s son-in-law from Henan province, and they responded very sweetly!Zhang Meng, who was born in 1988, is also 33 years old this year. She once admitted in the program that her biggest regret is the plastic surgery. Because of the plastic surgery, she lost a lot of opportunities, and now she can never go back to the past.Now she is in the anchor industry results among the best, find their own Mr. Right, is the so-called love career double harvest!Finally, I wish them a happy marriage and a long life together!