Together to the future!Taishan students in Tianyuan district cheer for the Winter Olympics

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Students draw winter Olympics mascots.Rednet moment February 15 – (correspondents include) The 24th Winter Olympic Games held at the Beijing National Stadium, China ushered in a special event, becoming the first city to hold the Winter and summer Olympic Games.Taishan School in Tianyuan District issued an initiative to all students: “Let’s take action together to cheer for the Winter Olympics!”Students are encouraged to move and cheer for the Winter Olympic athletes in the form of screen watching;To send blessings and share feelings for the Winter Olympics in the form of writing and painting;Carry forward the Olympic spirit in the form of home sports and ice and snow sports, strengthen the body and temper the will.”Gu is so good. I hope I can compete like her and win glory for my country.”Students in front of THE TV expressed their excitement when Gu Ailing of China won the women’s freestyle platform final with her last dive on Feb 8.Students draw to cheer for the Winter Olympics.With their pen and ink, they wrote their wishes for the Winter Olympics and painted the charm of ice and snow sports.The paintings of “Cheer for the Winter Olympics” show the colorful ice and snow sports, convey the love of ice and snow in the Olympic spirit, and embody the spiritual pursuit of children and the Winter Olympics “together for the future”.The games ignited the passion of sports among children, who actively participated in various sports and carried forward the Olympic spirit.Some children even went to experience ice and snow sports. While feeling the charm of ice and snow sports, they cheered for the Winter Olympics and ignited a new craze of ice and snow sports.Students watch the Olympics while exercising.Taishan school officials said that the cheer for the Winter Olympics, on the one hand, let the children pay attention to support the Beijing Winter Olympics, by watching the games, writing, painting, sports and other forms of cheer for the Winter Olympics;On the other hand, the first winter holiday after the “double reduction”, guide children to pay attention to national affairs, inherit traditional culture, pay attention to physical exercise, let “five education”, healthy growth become a new pursuit, new fashion.More importantly, the children will deeply appreciate the significance of China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics, understand China’s strength, tenacity and institutional advantages, strengthen cultural confidence, and deepen their love for their hometown and country.