The Story of Qinghua Mountain

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Qing hua mountain is located in the town of xian changan district luanhe river, belongs to the qinling piedmont, main roof, about 1269 meters above sea level, potential, such as black dragon yet, shaped like a python empty, rendering terrain north-south, shape if the lotus sleeping Buddha, the mountain temple 12 existing, named by “handsome beauty”, tsing hua shan sleeping Buddha is famous, sleeping Buddha enron sleep at the top of the rock of huashan mountain top,Overlooking the vast and boundless guanzhong land and the ancient Xi ‘an City, Qinghua Mountain has been a place of pilgrimage for dignitaries since ancient times;Its topography allows visitors to imagine what it must have looked like to the north under the Tang Dynasty sky.Throughout the mountain scenery Qinghua Mountain terrain north-south, scenic area to the mountain road as the axis, about 2.6 kilometers in length, around the peaks of overlapping peaks, Qinghua Mountain, the top of the south about 1 kilometer is the Emperor Taizong Li Shimin Summer Palace – Cuiwei Palace ruins.Qinghua Mountain scenic area is also one of the sites of Buddhist sects in Chang ‘an. There are more than 10 ruins of famous temples and ancient temples in the scenic area. When visitors come to Wofo Temple, they can see the road of Qinghua Mountain stretching to the valley with the right arm bent back and the palm stretched flat and the pillow under the head, 11.60 meters long and 2.3 meters wide.