Shuo Coal Wang Ping coal industry Company: Spring Festival to the lovely coal cleaners salute

2022-04-30 0 By

Yellow River News Network Shuozhou news (correspondent Meng Yonghong Xu Wenyu) February 3 (the second day of the Chinese New Year), when most people immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year, and family reunion to share the joy of family, Jin can holding coal group Shuo Coal Wang Ping coal industry company main washing workshop workers are busy repairing machines.Due to the special nature of the work, for the people of the main washing workshop, even maintenance is a “luxury” thing, because the usual production tasks are too tight, daily maintenance is only to deal with some emergencies, large-scale and systematic maintenance only during the festival, when the production company takes a rest, to ease maintenance.In the workshop, regardless of the cadres and workers, they put down the original work into the maintenance, I saw some of them in the 302 coal desliming screen replacement blind plate, some replacement vibrator bolt, and in the repair welding crusher tooth plate……Everything in an orderly way, if the shielding of the maintenance of a variety of sound, this is a picture of how quiet, peaceful and beautiful.Approaching, it is their dirty face washed by sweat, it is their earnest and lovely appearance when concentrating on work, it is their spirit that they give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, but give everything to the enterprise and have no regrets.”The division of labor is different, the responsibility is not the same, for the coal washing people, the equipment can run normally every day, can improve the coal quality through coal washing, improve the recovery rate of raw coal, and in this way for the company to generate income and efficiency, this is our ultimate goal,” said Zuo Yu, director of the main washing workshop.At the beginning of the lights, the maintenance is still in progress, looking at the beautiful night scene of the mining area, looking at the welding splash, the crowded maintenance site, I could not help but bend down, to these lovely respectable people bowed deeply, you have worked hard coal washers![Edit: Feng Ying]