IPhone 13 Pro Max: 1TB available!How many people can afford 12,999?

2022-04-30 0 By

Surprisingly, iN the domestic mobile phone sales rankings last year, namely 2021, iPhone often ranked first in quarterly sales. In the year-end sales of high-end mobile phones, iPhone decisively ranked first in the Chinese market.Why is that?After Huawei goes down, mi OV glory really in the high-end machine camp can not fight with iPhone?The answer is obvious. Basically, when Huawei was not subject to the ban, the domestic high-end phone market was occupied by Huawei, and there was no iPhone at all. After the ban was issued, iPhone quickly took the domestic market share of Huawei’s high-end phone, surpassing the glory of Mi OV, and became the sales champion in the domestic market.In fact, if you think about it carefully, this is also a normal thing. Huawei has self-developed core technology like iPhone, which can support the high price of high-end machine, but Xiaomi OV glory has no core technology, so it can not stabilize in the high-end machine market, and has no chance to compete with iPhone.After all, only Huawei can compare the high-end experience of iPhone, Xiaomi OV glory is still too much worse.Because of this, the iPhone is now unique in the high-end phone field. The price of the iPhone is very free, because many people will buy it no matter how outrageous it is, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max!We all know that the next iPhone is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and this flagship comes directly with the highest memory available, namely 1 TERabyte!According to the released price, iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB reached 12,999 yuan, my god, the same 1TB version, ZTE Axon 30Ultra is 6998 yuan, which is 6000 yuan lower than iPhone 13 Pro Max with the same version, basically just half of the price.How popular is the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max?In fact, this is not new, each new iPhone has more than 10,000 products, but basically the more expensive products are more popular, iPhone 13 Pro Max was released, two or three months out of stock, even the 1TB version of 12,999 yuan, quickly sold out.It’s only recently that we’ve seen the 1TB version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max available in stock after the iPhone has shifted resources to ramp up production of the 1TB version.With a large battery of nearly 4400mAh, it overturns users’ image of Apple’s battery life. Why do you love iPhone 13 Pro Max?In addition to the face, people pay more attention to its practical experience, such as strong battery life.As we all know, in the conventional view, iPhone has a small battery with low battery life, and after using it for a year, you need to carry a charging bank. However, this time, iPhone 13 Pro Max is completely different, because it is equipped with a large battery of nearly 4400mAh, which completely gets rid of the drawback of iPhone’s low battery.It adds two and a half hours of battery life, so it looks too perfect.If you’ve ever tried the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a physical store, you’ll know that the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s video shooting is pretty awesome. It still has 12 million main shots, but this time it adds the top movie mode.When you’re shooting a video, you can use the depth of field effect, cinematography, and advanced zoom, which is much better than the old iPhone. In this era of short video shooting, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a perfect addition.Do you think the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which costs over 10,000 yuan, is worth buying?Why is that?