Hit designed zhangjiakou Olympic Games chongli Taizi Town ice and Snow Town exhibition hotel area put into use

2022-04-30 0 By

China News Heilongjiang News on February 4(Wang Fei) The 24th Winter Olympic Games will open soon.Recently, Prof. Mei Hongyuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the School of Architecture of Harbin Institute of Technology, presided over the design of chongli Taizicheng Ice & Snow Town convention and exhibition Hotel area of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games has been fully completed and put into use.Chung li prince city town in snow and ice exhibition hotel area for winter Olympics games conference, exhibition, hotel, etc and provide auxiliary space, after the game to make national snow and ice sports foundation as the core competitiveness of world-class international tourist destination, and to take advantage of Olympic heritage protection as a platform of national level demonstration zones of green ecological civilization construction.Adhering to the principle of “respecting nature, intensive resources, Chinese style and international standards”, the design focuses on creating ice and snow exhibition building clusters with the style of northern China’s mountains, making them a high-quality asset worth inheriting and benefiting the people.(after)