Construction site implementation “retreat order”, migrant workers over the age of 60 can not find a job, these four points become the biggest reliance

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Guide language: farming for a living is the main development direction of rural people in the early 90’s.However, in the middle and late 1990s, as more and more people went out of the mountains to work in coastal areas, the development direction gradually changed.Self-employed farmers have to face many external impacts, such as low food prices and serious disasters.Therefore, after 50 or 60 years, many sons and grandchildren came to the city to work and make money.They have no higher education, can only choose to sell coolies in some construction sites.It may be more tiring than farming, but it is a solid net income.Farming in the countryside can hardly yield 1,000 yuan per mu per year, but on the construction site, you can earn that much in a week.By contrast, migrant workers are naturally willing to abandon their hometown and come to the cities to be “white-haired workers”.Construction sites are more willing to hire older workers As for construction sites, there is a willingness to hire older workers.The farmers were honest and worked hard.Especially in some construction sites, the younger the crowd, the more unstable.Under the tired work, many young people will directly choose to give up, to find a lower salary, but not tired work.There are two kinds of migrant workers in the city to work, one is for their own survival.Many rural people do not buy a pension, and when they are old and unable to work, they can only live on the money saved.These people, in their 60s or so, are working very hard to make money and save up for a good pension.There is a class of children to buy a house, who bear hundreds of thousands of debt.The greater the pressure, the harder they work.No matter how hard and tired, for children will stick to it.That is why construction sites are not averse to older migrant workers, preferring instead to recruit them.However, this idea will not work in the future, as “eviction orders” have been issued everywhere.Construction companies are no longer allowed to employ migrant workers over the age of 60, according to a notice issued recently.Is the news true?Why the sudden retreat of older migrant workers?A lot of people think it’s fake, but it’s true.Tianjin, Hubei, Shanghai and Nanchang have all issued notices requiring construction sites to ban migrant workers over the age of 60 from working on construction sites or doing construction work, let alone signing labor contracts.This is tantamount to sending all the migrant workers home at once.Of course, the purpose of this eviction order is good.Over 60 years old migrant workers in the physical mechanism, gradually decline.Although it can win heavy physical work, but in the long-term high-intensity work, it is easy to cause physical problems.Some older migrant workers themselves suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other physical diseases.Long-term use of drugs to recuperate, to work normally.For the sake of safety and health, the withdrawal of older migrant workers is also a helpless move.How can migrant workers make a living if they can’t work on construction sites?There is not only one way to live. Although migrant workers are removed from construction sites, they still have these three things to rely on, so that their livelihood is not guaranteed.One: go home and continue farming.Many workers still own a large amount of land in the countryside. Older migrant workers struggle to do intensive work, but they are not affected by farming and planting at home.Now the country also has subsidies for farming, fertilizer subsidies and so on, these are also a lot of income.Number two: Do simple, leisurely work.In some small cities, security guards, cleaning personnel, guarding warehouses, etc., are all used by the elderly.These places don’t pay much and are born of quiet, stable work.Third: welfare subsidies.Now the country is good, related units issued a lot of welfare subsidies to the elderly, such as farmers have subsistence allowances, or subsidies for the elderly, one-child subsidies and so on.All these together can basically guarantee the life of the elderly.Besides, many of them are able to support themselves.Give the elderly some basic living expenses every month, can also afford, do not need to worry about the livelihood of the elderly.Conclusion: pension is always a problem for the old.In fact, for the old people who have children, good health is to accumulate blessings for children.Therefore, the old people should not spend all day thinking about making money. It is better to enjoy their grandchildren at home. They can not only help their children reduce the pressure of life, but also maintain their own body.