The latest premier League table: Manchester United upset, Manchester City beat Everton, Tottenham beat by 4 goals

2022-04-29 0 By

Beijing time on February 27th, the round of 27 continued, in a closely watched a few games, Manchester united following big cold 0-0 stuffy team avoid relegation watford, capture everton, Manchester city 1-0 spurs boom 4 ball zero sealing the Leeds, currently on the top of the latest, Manchester city played a game more than 6 points lead, united are still in fourth, spurs, 7 Leeds, 16Everton 17th, Watford 19th!Manchester United vs Watford.Behind Manchester united despite ranking fourth place temporarily, but opponents are eyeing, and a lot of teams is the less, this time against relegation watford, Manchester united is a must win, but the Manchester united once again let you down, all is long entrenched, shock by watford draw, striker group is more collective slump, 15 shot or not, either a waste of opportunity,Ask watford such opponents can not get down, Manchester United behind what to fight for four, Cristiano ronaldo is really not good, or play on the bench, too much negative emotions affect the team unity!Manchester City versus Everton.Manchester City’s recent state of decline, the lead significantly reduced, coupled with Liverpool’s crazy chasing, Manchester City can be said to win the pressure.This round of the game against the relegation pressure everton, although Manchester City played very difficult, but still rely on Forden in the 81st minute goal, Manchester City 1-0 kill the game, got the desired three points, the current more than a game to continue to lead the table with six points, the following game is still not to be neglected!Tottenham against Leeds.Spurs a shock defeat to burnley on round, this time against Leeds united, tottenham want to contend for four has absolute error, the spurs in the outbreak, is majestic scoring three goals in the first half, doherty, library lu and Kane successively, Kane assists in the second half cloth Min broke the icing on the cake, eventually league tottenham 4-0 crazy victory, got the victory of a stranger,It’s really very uplifting!According to the latest table, the race for the Premier League title is still a two-horse race between Manchester City and Liverpool, depending on who drops first.Contention for four, as Manchester United brake continuously, contention for four initiative has been lost, and In March Manchester United schedule is very difficult, can say that Arsenal’s chance to fight for four is really coming!Literary/sports fiction