Stay in “Zhejiang” to see movies online, a free movie dinner is waiting for you!

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The Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger, is just around the corner. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted the pace of life of many people.How to make this year more meaningful?Whether you have returned to your hometown or choose to celebrate the New Year in your hometown, check out the good news!In order to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, and implement the propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China “Our Chinese Dream” — cultural activities into the thousands of people, give full play to the role of the film to benefit the people, to create a strong festival atmosphere, recently, the film department of Zhejiang Province organized the Spring Festival film to benefit the people series of activities,Online and offline interaction for grassroots people to present high-quality spiritual and cultural feast.Among them, the “Online public benefit exhibition of excellent Zhejiang Produced films” jointly launched by Zhejiang Radio and Television New Media, Zhijiang Film Group, Aim Film, Wasu TV and Youku will be presented to everyone from January 30.In China Blue Telecom TV, youku online platform, during the Spring Festival, you can see carefully selected excellent Zhejiang films for free, in the special area of Wasu TV, you can also see many excellent domestic films for free.Take the platform of China Blue Telecom TV as an example. On this platform, which covers 8 million users in Zhejiang Province, when you turn on the phone, you can see the special area of “Online public welfare Exhibition of Excellent Zhejiang Produced films” in the portal recommendation and movie home recommendation bar.The free viewing runs from the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival.In the special section, you can see 20 excellent Zhejiang films selected from the shortlist of zhejiang Youth Film Week “The most popular Ten Zhejiang Produced films”, which can be said that none of them can be missed.You may have seen some of them when they came out, but they’re worth watching twice.Such as douban 8.3 points the risk return of “journey to the west”, the film is a dark horse in 2015 at the box office, the rise of Chinese animation films of the iconic film, sun wukong to thin for the first time, hand feet long, expression exaggeration and changeable new image appear in front of us, movie gee-whiz peng, tears, is the classic.Another example is “The Death of Romantics” directed by Cheng Er in 2016, which is a domestic artistic film.Whether it is photography, music, or clothing are exquisite and exquisite, coupled with Ge You, Zhang Ziyi and other stars of the wonderful performance, full tone, is a unique aesthetic style of the film.”Teacher · good” is also a good movie worth watching again, the movie tells the story of a high school graduating class teacher and a group of poor students, Yu Qian gave his best performance, shaping a will love students deep in the bottom of the yan Teacher, sincere teachers and students feeling tears.In addition, “half a comedy”, “back to 1942”, “send you a little red flower”, “Lost and orphaned”, “WUHAN Day and night”, “I am a passer-by”, “only Yun Know” are also a good film that makes people think deeply.”I Want Us to Stay together” and “Summer Future” were the top grossing youth films last year.”Di Renjie god all dragon king” “Di Renjie of the four Kings of heaven” “Soul” “call crazy ring” “Not fast guest” is also a good word of mouth suspense film.There are also three children’s favorite animation “The Dragon falls the World” “Firefly 2: Insects are not easy to provoke” “Pipilu and Lucisi of the tin man”.Let’s talk about youku platform again. As a platform that ranks firmly in the forefront of video websites in China, this free viewing benefit is also a movie viewing gift package jointly given by Zhejiang and Youku to everyone.From New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the year, a total of 7 excellent Zhejiang produced films online special area, you can see the eye-catching tips in the “movie” channel.Then wasu TV, as a content provider of the new media industry covering 3.6 million people and constructing the largest digital content database in China, wasu SET-top box is a must for many families.During the free exhibition period, you can see the entrance of the special area in the home page of the movie channel and the recommendation of the portal home page. When you enter, you can enjoy a batch of domestic films such as “Galaxy Class”, “Flying Armor of Dragon Gate”, “Pig Man big movie · Diary of the Dinosaur” and “Year of the Beast”.These great movies are ready for the Spring Festival on all three platforms.China Blue Telecom TV show time: January 30 (28) — February 15 (Yuanxiao) Youku show time: January 31 (New Year’s Eve) — February 6 (seventh day) Wasu TV show time:This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and network transmission of all works of copyright, otherwise the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.