Putian held the private economy and Industrial Development Conference and signed 20 major projects

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People’s Daily Online Putian February 9 (Lin Ying) The city’s private enterprises have created nearly 80% of the GDP, 60% of the tax revenue, 80% of employment……This is the putian city private economy and industry development conference released a group of data.Fujian is a leading province in the development of private economy, and putian’s economic development is inseparable from the contributions of private enterprises and entrepreneurs.Putian Private Economy and Industrial Development Conference.Photo by CAI Hao “After all the days, everything in the world is difficult.”On the scene of the conference, Fu Chaoyang, Putian Party Secretary, said that private entrepreneurs in Putian support the construction of Putian, and show their “putian business feelings” by taking concrete actions.He proposed that in the new era, private entrepreneurs should build enterprises based on reality and outstanding main business, and strive to become entrepreneurs with a grand pattern and steady progress.To build a new-oriented enterprise with strong driving force, and to be a pioneering entrepreneur striving for innovation and creativity;To build a quality-oriented enterprise with a strong core and strive to be an entrepreneur with unique originality and excellence;To create a sincere, law-abiding business enterprise, to cherish the reputation such as gold, sincere dedication of entrepreneurs.”We will always stand side by side with private enterprises.Dedicated to do a good job of service for entrepreneurs to remove worries;We should maintain friendly and clean relations, engage with entrepreneurs in an open and sincere manner, and lean down to focus on industry and development.”Fu chaoyang said.It is understood that at present, Putian city is adhering to the spirit of exploration and innovation, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries.Lin Xuyang, deputy secretary of putian Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Putian, introduced that the city has established 12 special leading groups for the development of key industries and investment promotion according to the advantages and characteristics of local industries, led by four groups as the length and deputy length of each industrial chain chain.In the future, will continue to push for putian shoes clothing, arts and crafts, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as food, completes the digital economy, Marine economy, green economy, the brigade “four articles”, push the new functional materials, electronic information industry, new energy industry, high-end equipment industry, the emerging industries such as life health industry development.Private enterprises will play an important role.On the same day, a centralized signing ceremony was held for 20 major industrial projects in Putian city.It is reported that the total planned investment of 20 projects is 50.923 billion yuan, mainly covering 12 key industrial fields such as shoes and clothing, arts and crafts, food, new functional materials, electronic information, new energy, high-end equipment, life and health, digital economy, Marine economy, green economy, culture and tourism economy.